More Soldiers Lining Up To Question "Resident Obama"

Major General and Major Consent to be Plaintiffs in Upcoming Lawsuit rightsideoflife

Dr. Taitz is reporting that
Major General Carroll D. Childers P.E. [Professional Engineer] (Retired) and Major James R. Cannon (USMC, Retired) have both agreed to become Plaintiffs in her upcoming case requesting that the President furnish his vital documentation.
The other Plaintiffs involved with this upcoming lawsuit include the following:
New Hampshire (1 State Rep)
Tennessee (4 State Reps)
Oklahoma (unverified 1 State Rep)
Missouri (1 State Rep)
1st Lt. Scott Easterling
Col. Harry Riley, NSA (Retired)

(excerpt form Major General Childer's letter. Childer is retired, but as he states, subject to recall. This is important to note in regard to so-called 'standing')
"...he is not MY President. I will not refer to him as such. I will call him Resident Obama, and an illegal resident of the white house at that. I resent him for what he is not. He has not given proof that he is a natural born citizen of these United States. He has spent millions of dollars protecting the truth of his birth from public knowledge; therefore, it is obvious he has something to hide. He is an interloper, a usurper, a fake, a scam artist, a Chicago crook, a recipient of bribes and gratuitous income for which he paid no tax, a socialist (perhaps only a communist or Marxist), and a grave danger to the future of the America that I love and have protected since I was 17 years old. here
Government and military and the list seems to be still growing. fyi
This post is a follow up on: Active Duty Soldier Questions Obama Eligibility, Pledges To Join Suit 2-24-09 (see post and follow back for full story)

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