Mexican Drug Cartel Roundup 'Accelerating' NAU Transition

'Operation Xcellerator' Launched in Canamerexico

Federal authorities arrested more than 750 people across the country in what they describe as "the largest and hardest hitting" operation to ever target the "the very violent and dangerously powerful" drug cartel known as Sinaloa.
The cartel is being blamed for much of the violence erupting along the U.S.-Mexican border, according to officials familiar with the operation.
"International drug-trafficking organizations pose a sustained, serious threat to the safety and security as of our communities," Attorney General Eric Holder said in prepared remarks at a Washington press conference Wednesday afternoon, his first as head of the Justice Department.
"As the world grows smaller and international criminals step up their efforts to operate inside our borders, [we] will confront them head-on to keep our communities safe."
Through "Operation Xcellerator," U.S. law enforcement officials worked with counterparts in Mexico and Canada, where the Sinaloa Cartel is believed to have "distribution cells," which sell or transport the cartel's drugs.
The DEA says efforts continue to "stop the ruthless violence the traffickers inflict on innocent citizens in the U.S., Mexico and Canada."
New Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair recently warned a Senate committee that — at some point — the Mexican government may not be much help.
re: U.S. worked with counterparts in Mexico and Canada

The amalgamation of the North American continent is on the front burner...and accelerant is being applied to the flames, i.e the aptly named "Operation Xcellerator". The crisis du jour, 'sinister' Mexican gang activity, in this case, is providing the common enemy needed to intertwine the policing authorities of the three nations. Note also the statement that the "at some point - the Mexican government may not be much help." Canada and America have already linked militarily (see link below), and the message is becoming louder and more clear every day that Mexico is being prepared for some sort of 'occupation' as the globalization of the three countries is now being 'accelerated' (see 'Mexico takeover?' linked below). The regionalization of the North American continent is the one and only goal of the globalists here and it's full speed ahead. The world has changed, not for the better, everyone will be affected, be informed. see: 'regional governments'
compare with the 'Merida Initiative': U.S., Mexico, Central America Integrating Law Enforcements 7-6-08 (quoted comment): "Before the regional government system can function, it is necessary to create 'partnerships' between the local governments, law enforcement agencies (in this case), industries, community groups, etc. This is quite often accomplished by use of the notorious 'common enemy'. When there is a 'common enemy', everybody must rally and put aside differences to defeat the 'threat'. The partnerships are then formed, the management system is built, the locals are trained to implement at the city/community levels, and voila, a functioning system of inter-nation regional government is in place. Those at the local level will never even realize that they are part of, and doing the bidding of, the new global system, aka A21...'Drug trafficking' makes a great 'common enemy' for multi-nation law enforcement integration, and that is exactly what has been done."
follow links, connect dots, see picture:
Mexico takeover? 2-22-09
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Isaiah 55:6 'Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near'

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