NWO Daze: Big Brother Beginning To Flex

More data sharing urged to avoid satellite crashes
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Tuesday's collision of two satellites in space may not be the last unless big changes are made in the way government and commercial satellite operators share data, an expert on satellite orbits warned on Friday.

Marine Corps General James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former head of the command that runs U.S. military space operations, said on Thursday he would like to see more information-sharing on debris avoidance with Russia, China, France and other countries using space.

Satellites colliding in space? No problem, the solution is very easy. Government will take over the commercial sector. Globalize the whole thing as a matter of fact. Ordo ab chao! Especially interesting in light of the fact that all TV now is going digital. With control of all satellites and all the signals to be standardized in digital, Big Brother can dominate all communications. see:Global TV in the works 2-11-09
Four More Bank Closures
"Banks in Florida, Illinois, Nebraska and Oregon were shut by state regulators, boosting the toll of failed institutions to 13" (this year)

Absorbing the little guys bank by bank. There is only one goal...666 global financial consolidation.
Energy Experts To Visit Every Home in UK To Make People Go Green
Launching a consultation on the scheme, Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said teams of energy advisers would go around "house by house, street by street" to advise people how to improve their homes.

Knock knock, we are the Green Police and we are coming in..like it or not. It's a mad mad world!
Final Economic Stimulus Bill Permits Americans' Personal Health Information to Be Sold for Research and Public Health Purposes WITHOUT Patients' Consent

Big Brother will answer to no one.
Operation Obama attorneys file motion demanding birth, college records be withheld from public
A high-powered team of Los Angeles attorneys representing President Obama in his effort to keep his birth certificate, college records and passport documents concealed from the public has suggested there should be "monetary sanctions" against a lawyer whose clients have brought a complaint alleging Obama doesn't qualify for the Oval Office under the Constitution's demand for a "natural born" citizen in that post.
Big brother will answer to no one.
Brazilian Government Says 99% of Citizens Are "Homophobic" and Must Be Reeducated
The results are taken from a study that tested for "homophobia" by asking people to comment on such statements as "God made men and women with different sexes so that they could fulfill their role and have children." The 92% of Brazilians who agreed partially or completely with the statement were labeled "homophobic."

"There's no way [for the government] not to involve itself, because intolerance must manifest itself in crimes, including crimes committed by agents of the government," said Paulo Biagi, coordinator of the government's official "Brazil Without Homophobia" campaign.
In addition, the government will be launching the National Plan for the Promotion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Citizens in May. It will also soon initiate a television campaign to combat "homophobia" in conjunction with ten other Latin American countries.

Anti-homophobia campaigns in Brazil and ten other Latin American countries. Coming to your country soon too, not to mention church, school, business, etc.. You can count on it. compare: First 'Hate Preacher" Banned From UK...and 'labels' 2-13-09
Christian, only one way to walk in the midst of the ever increasing ungodliness of the rising Antichrist one world government:
Psalms 4:5 Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the LORD.

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