NWO Plan Unfolding: Massive Protest In Ireland Against 'Government'

120,000 people pack streets of Dublin in angry protest against government's handling of economic crisis

Up to 120,000 people marched through Dublin today in an emotional and angry national demonstration over the Irish Government's handling of the economic crisis.
The demonstrators marched past the Dail (Irish Parliament) for a rally at Merrion Square, where the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (Ictu) general secretary David Begg accused a wealthy elite of "economic treason" by destroying the country's international reputation.
Originally planned as a protest at public sector cutbacks and pension levies, organisers later called on all workers, from the public and private sector, to turn out in a "national demonstration" against the Government's handling of the downturn.
This post is an follow up on: The 'Age Of Rebellion' Has Begun, Says NWO 1-24-09 "Large scale 'civil unrest' throughout Europe, America, and Asia predicted by March-May 2009, and Greece is preparing for a change in the "nature of the clashes" by bringing in water cannons. Collapsing societal order to take control...and calling it the 'age of rebellion'." (see post)
The 'rebellion' has begun in Ireland, and March is still a week away!
This so-called "Age of Rebellion" is a prediction by a European economist by the name of Robert Wade. Note that he also includes America in the scenario. The agent provocateurs truly are hard at work in this country to help fulfill that prediction. Rebellion is exactly what the global architects have designed.
Financial collapse followed by instigated unrest and replace the entire system with the new global government scheme. It's a simple strategy, and the strategy is being followed, and it is even now beginning to be played out in America. For example this story late today 2-24-09:
Tea Party Protests Planned WXIA-TV "ATLANTA - Tea parties are being planned for this coming Friday in more than a dozen U.S. cities, including Atlanta. They won't be silly tea parties like the one from Alice in Wonderland, but serious demonstrations like the Boston Tea Party of 1773 that protested British taxation.

This is only the beginning, but it is getting more serious by the day. Be informed. Rev. 18:4
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Proverbs 4:5 'Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not' (read your bible)

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