Bizzare World 2009 updates

Schools Indoctrinating Children to Push Global Warming Agenda
The students are taking part in what's called "National Green Week," organized by the Green Education Foundation. Schools across the country are encouraged to teach children about recycling, global warming and carbon footprints.

Many school districts across the country are now offering teacher's lesson plans on environmental issues. Students in Los Angeles, Ohio and Texas are all practicing waste reduction in the classroom.
She said for these kids, the lessons will last much longer than just the seven days of National Green Week because teachers talk about environmental issues all year long.
Several parents at the elementary school say they support the program and have learned "green" measures from their children. They've even formed a "green team" to educate other parents and children about their environmental concerns..
Education, per se, in any schools, private or public, no longer exists. Indoctrination for compliant global citizenship has completely replaced it, thanks to organizations like the "Green Education Foundation", and many others just like it. There is no way to escape the indoctrination anymore, other than homeschooling. If that is not an option...de-programming your kids is the only one left.
For much specific info on how the 'green agenda' plays into the global government agenda:
see all: climate propaganda
also: sustainable 'deception'
F.D.A. Approves Drug From Gene-Altered Goats
Opening the barn door to a new era in farming and pharmaceuticals, the Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved the first drug produced by livestock that have been given a human gene.

There are other concerns: that the animals could be harmed, that animal germs might contaminate the drug, that the milk or meat from genetically engineered drug-producing animals might enter the food supply or that the animals might escape and breed with others, spreading the gene, with unpredictable consequences.
Human genes in goats for human drug production...another 'first', another line crossed. see: FDA Green Lights Genetically Engineered Animals For Food 9-20-08 "Crossing the genetic boundaries between different species is a very serious violation of God's created order, truly beyond words to express."
Three US Banks Shut by Regulators as Financial Crisis Deepens
Three banks, two in California and one in Georgia, were seized by regulators, bringing this year’s tally of closings to nine
Global financial consolidation is the plan (666). Nine already in the first five weeks, bank by bank the 'beast' will devour all. see: 'Superbanks' to Dominate Globe/People 11-6-08
Ezekiel 9:9 '...the land is full of blood, and the city full of perverseness: for they say, The LORD hath forsaken the earth, and the LORD seeth not.' (He seeth...Rev. 18:4)


Anonymous said...

Goin green...in Panama

This (as you know) is a global campaign. School kids here as well have "earth days". Lots of tree huggin and aluminum can savin in the name of saving mother earth.

Might be good to fill in your readers who do lean greenish how paradigms can be shifted using common held goals that on the surface seem so "good" . Some may not understand Hegelian dialectic.

Easy to get sucked in to the good to be green movement. After all don't we all love breathing? Exactly the point.

tom m. said...

Thanks for the helpful suggestion ABL.

Added the archive links for sustainable 'deception' and climate propaganda to the post as a source of reference for any who are interested.

There is a lot of information there that should be helpful in gaining an understanding of the true agenda behind the use of environmental concerns, which is truly nothing more than a clever scheme to manipulate and control people, industry, and governments, for the purpose of establishing authoritarian global government. That's fact.

As always, follow links, connect dots, see picture. Picture is not pretty...

Not 'goin green' in Hawaii :^)

Anonymous said...

Great links.
It will be helpful to me in splainin it to those who don't see the biggest picture of all...the end of the story unfolding before our eyes.