North American Continent Army? Canadian Troops To Train In California

Follow up on: Canamerexico Rising: Canada To Deputize U.S. Police and 'Security Agents' 12-11-09 "Bill C-60 is merely the next step in the progressive homogenization of the two countries toward what will inevitably be an intercontinental military rule. The global dictatorship cannot exist otherwise. " [see post, follow interconnected links]
Canadian troops heading for California

[Canadian] Troops at CFB Petawawa are doing a little California dreamin' these days as they prepare for Exercise Maple Guardian.

The exercise, which will involve about 3,700 troops, will begin in early January at Fort Irwin California in the Mojave Desert.

According to the military, the dessert environment around at Fort Irwin is similar to Afghanistan.

The exercise is expected to last about seven weeks during the months of January and February 2010. Currently it is scheduled for Jan. 4 to Feb. 20. The troops will then return to Petawawa in late February for leave and other additional training prior to the deployment to Afghanistan.
The inter-national militarization of the North American Continent is well underway, evidenced here by foreign troops "training" on American homeland soil...for seven weeks. That is plenty of time to get comfortable and feel right at home.

Erasing the distinctions between bordering countries and the merging of governmental functions - this is 'regional' world government under construction. It is already functioning on the North American continent even now at many levels both economically and militarily, obviously. From here the pace will only accelerate. Be aware, permanent changes, i.e dictatorial control - loss of freedoms, are imminent. see: First Ever "World Regional Government" Forum 11-20-09
Rev. 18:4
They who would attempt to build and rule over a global kingdom without the King of kings, the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?
'Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools'' Romans 1:22

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