China Adopts New Measures, Demonstrates To World How To 'Neuter' Internet

Follow up on: NWO Australian Government Rolling Out Internet Censorship 12-15-09 "Australia is now setting the precedent in the so-called 'free world' for government censorship of the internet. The writing is on the wall: the world-wide-web will soon be neutered.' [see post]
Beijing tightens its grip on the internet
By Kathrin Hille in Beijing
China has banned individuals from registering internet domain names in Beijing's toughest move so far to tighten online censorship.
From Monday, people registering a domain name in China would have to present a company seal and a business licence, the China Internet Network Information Center, a government-backed body, said in a statement.
Service providers said they had started to review their clients for potentially fraudulent or "harmful" individually-owned sites.
"We have started to review domain names registered by individuals, as requested by CNNIC," said an official at HiNet, one of China's largest internet service providers.
Officials said the measure was part of a campaign to rein in pornographic content, but bloggers and internet activists interpreted it as a broader attempt to enforce internet censorship more heavily. "If they really enforce this, we will have to register our sites outside China," said one blogger.
re: 'banned individuals'
Locking up the internet? Communist China is charting the way for all the world to see: Without a company seal and a business license, individuals are now to be banned from registering a domain name. In addition to that, ISP's in China have begun reviewing the sites of their existing clients. Obviously, any sites that do not receive an 'official' approval are not long for this world. China is providing a glimpse at the what and how of the future www lockdown now taking shape.
In the so-called 'free world', as mentioned in the follow up link above, Australia has just started down the same path and will lead the way for the rest of the free world.
The enslavement of mankind is the goal, to accomplish this the world wide web must go bye bye. It is.

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