Australian Police State Given New "Sweeping Powers"

Anger over broadened police powers to search people (Australia)

The laws, which came into effect on Wednesday, give police sweeping powers to search people at random, including strip searches.
Under the legislation:
POLICE can search anybody in a "designated area" even if officers do not have any reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing and can proceed to a strip search if the circumstances warrant it.
ANY area where there has been an incident of violence involving a weapon in the past year can be deemed a designated area; as can any place where police suspect there may be trouble; or any major event precinct.
A NEW offence of disorderly conduct has been created, with $234 on-the-spot fines.
Mr Farrell said the legislation included provisions to strip search minors in "mystery" designated areas.
"There was a bit of a misconception around that these places were going to be advertised and seven days notice given, but there is provision in the legislation that they do not have to be advertised," he said. "So you can be walking down the street in front of your house and be asked to undergo a search."
re: search people at random
The NWO is using Australia as a testlab. Not only trailblazing with regard to stripping away their freedoms on the streets, as seen here, but on the internet as well; see: NWO Australian Government Rolling Out Internet Censorship 12-15-09
Once the 'product' is tested, it is sure to be marketed worldwide. Be informed.
see: The Blessed Hope - Titus 2:13

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