EU/Lisbon Dictatorship Update: France To Start 'Citizen Paramilitaries'

French President Announces Creation of Paramility Groups
[excerpts; translated from French]
French President Nicolas Sarokozy has announced plans to form paramilitary groups to patrol parts of cities, the „banlieu“, where large numbers of immigrants live, in a move that has disturbing echoes of Fascist Europe in the 1930s.

Private „citizen“ paramilitary groups are supposed to keep „law and order“ in the banlieue. But the decision to set them up ahead of the up ahead of up-coming regional elections will spark fears that will be employed to intimidate political opponents.

Allowing an uregulated armed force to patrol high rise ghettos, blighted by unemployment and poverty and where the residents are disadvanatged by systematic racism, is also sure to create an atrmosphere of intimidation and violence and could ignite large scale social unrest.
Shooting protestors is also permitted under the Lisbon Treaty, which came into force on December 1st, and which put Europe under a quasi dictatorship by means of the use of the manipulation of the election process.

As a result of this fraudulent treaty, an EU police force is theoretically allowed to arrest anyone without even having to a reason to the local police, putting their operations outside the law.
But this is just one example how the EU is being used as front to further the agenda of an *international corporate crime syndicate.
This totalitarian EU structure allowing paramilitary groups and organised corporate funded crime to flourish must be dismantled and the people of Europe need to return to democracy and the rule of law as soon as possible.
re: 'Sarkozy has announced plans'
Seeing that the 27 countries of the new EU-Superstate have had their national sovereignties stripped away, the next step in the transition to a dictatorial single entity being a shift to paramilitary policing should not really come as a big surprise. Self appointed rulers with draconian aspirations must also have a privatized system of 'law enforcement' in order to carry out their wicked agenda. The European Superstate is starting the program in the French province.
First Europe...then the world.
Note also in this particular article the suggestion that this action "could ignite large scale social unrest", and the call in the last paragraph for the need to "dismantle" the new EU. Once again, unfortunately, these thoughts feed into the now obvious NWO strategy for destabilization of the existing order so as to replace it with their new order: Ordo ab chao via civil unrest. see: The 'Age Of Rebellion' Has Begun, Says NWO 1-24-09
Klaus Signs Lisbon; EU Superstate/Dictatorship is Birthed 11-3-09
Sarkozy: 'One Voice For Europe And The World Needed' 10-12-08

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