Canamerexico Rising: Canada To Deputize U.S. Police and 'Security Agents'

Follow up on: U.S.-Canada Military Plan Could Place Troops in Each Other’s Country 11-18-08 "Cross-border support “will only be provided when agreed to by appropriate authorities in both the Government of Canada and the U.S. Government,” the document says. Canada Command and NorthCom “will develop potential options of the military forces of one nation to support the military forces of the other.”
Last month the 27 nations of Europe were dissolved into a 'global region', and while for the most part still under the radar in this country, Canada and America [and Mexico] are rapidly being formed into another of the NWO's 'global regions': Canamerexico
New maritime security law will deputize U.S. officers “in every part of Canada” during integrated operations

On November 27, Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson tabled legislation that would transform designated U.S. police and security agents into peace officers equal to the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] “in every part of Canada” during joint maritime border operations.

Bill C-60, the Keeping Canadians Safe (Protecting Borders) Act, is being sold by Van Loan and Nicholson as a way to “strengthen cooperative bilateral policing efforts to stem the flow of cross-border criminal activity in shared waterways and further protect community safety and security in Canada.” It is the legislative face of a cross-border "*Shiprider” agreement... [aka 'coastal waters']

But Bill C-60 will go further than *coastal waters. Section 11 states:

In the course of an integrated cross-border operation, every designated officer is a peace officer in every part of Canada and has the same power to enforce an Act of Parliament as a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
U.S. police and "security agents" to be deputized in Canada?
Nothing new here, as the related linked posts show, this has been in the works for some time. Bill C-60 is merely the next step in the progressive homogenization of the two countries toward what will inevitably be an intercontinental military rule. The global dictatorship cannot exist otherwise.
The same thing that just went down in Europe is and will happen here too. Bottom line here is this...America's done. This is the reality that must be faced. And again, there is nothing to do here with 'Copenhagen'. Rev. 18:4
Note: One more thing to think about. Are these deputized 'security agents' to be some sort of private paramilitary?
*see 'shiprider': New rule puts U.S. Coast Guard in Canadian waters 5-29-09 "RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and the U.S. Coast Guard to team up"
also: 'North American Leaders' Pledge "Aggressive Coordinated Action" 8-10-09 "In a written statement, they pledged a united effort..."

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