NWO Test Lab UK: Criminal Check Parents to Enter School; And Copenhagen

Parents have been banned from setting foot in their children's classrooms without first having a Criminal Records Bureau check.
Stern new signs at a college in Cambridgewarn that mothers and fathers cannot enter the premises if they have not been fully vetted.
As a result they face paying £86 each - £36 for an enhanced CRB check plus a fee of up to £50 to process the application.
It is the latest CRB controversy following bans on unchecked parents walking children to a carol concert and supervising at a play park.
Principal Ben Slade - at 33 one of the youngest secondary heads in the country and a former child presenter on BBC programme Why Don't You? - defended the signs yesterday.
He said: 'We had a safeguarding review which suggested we should make it clear to people who are entering the building they are not to walk around unsupervised or work with children if they haven't been CRB checked. You don't need a CRB check to enter the reception or go to an adult education class.
Copenhagen is nothing more than a global-sized exercise in the dialectic, a perception-shifting dramatic production, crafted for the ignorant masses as an introduction to the 'global management system' that has already been built. A coming out party, if you will:
re: 'not to walk around unsupervised'

What will life be like in the coming/already here in some locations (as seen above) globally controlled but locally managed 'gone green' so-called sustainable communities, as outlined in the 1992 UN document known as Agenda 21? Closely monitored to say the least. 'Depopulated micromanaged human-slave plantations' is in reality an accurate description of the futuristic fantasyland of which the demonically-possessed global elite envision themselves ruling over as demigods.

This sci-fi nightmare is now taking shape in the UK in broad daylight. What is seen here should not at all be considered an anomaly confined to the UK. This is in fact the 666 future for all humanity - absolute ownership of your very person, i.e. your soul. Believe it or not. Rev. 18:4
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Proverbs 11:21 'Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered'

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