You Will Be Watched and Tracked

by the all seeing eye of Big Brother..and it's not off in the future, it's already here

Security officials to scan D.C. area license plates

WASHINGTON (AP) - Homeland security officials in the Washington area plan to dramatically expand the use of automated license plate readers to prevent possible terrorist attacks.

Officials from Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia have agreed to install 200 license plate readers on police vehicles, at airports and along roads. The plan announced Friday will be funded by federal homeland security grants for the area.

New York officials recently said they plan to scan license plates of all cars entering Manhattan.

Privacy experts say it's a vast expansion of the use of technology for security.

re: 200 license plate readers
'Dramatically expanding' Homeland authoritarian control ('security') and electronic leashes
The 10-yr. 'North America Speed Enforcement' Plan recently started in Arizona seems to be spreading rapidly, as evidenced above by the news from Maryland, Virginia, D.C. and New York. The state of Arizona is also installing 200 cameras. Those cameras would represent only the first stage of a North American continent-wide plan according to the linked article. Do you see a disturbing trend?

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