Justice Dept. To Create 'Homeland' Gestapo?

update on recent FISA passage: 4th Amendment R.I.P.
The next step:
MSNBC: Bush creating 'embryonic police state': article

"The Justice Department has proposed changes to police intelligence-gathering rules that would ease the transfer of information about citizens to federal intelligence agencies, who would then keep the information for at least 10 years. The changes, the first since 1993, were introduced for public comment on July 31.

"Under the proposed changes, law enforcement agencies would be allowed to target groups and individuals on the basis of suspicion of participation in terrorist acts or providing material support to terrorists."

""It turns police officers into spies on behalf of the federal government," German said. "If police officers no longer see themselves as engaged in protecting their communities from criminals and instead as domestic intelligence agents working on behalf of the CIA, they will be encouraged to collect more information.""
[This quote from talking head Olbermann near the end of 8-18-08 2 min. 30 sec. video:]
The real intent of the changes, Olbermann opined, is to implement them before President Bush leaves office "so the next president can't do a (expletive deleted) thing about unraveling this disaster, which is, appropriately enough, an embryonic police state."

re: " law enforcement agencies would be allowed to target groups and individuals"

Not a good sign at all when the talking heads of the msm (main stream media) 'bureau of propaganda' openly use phrases like "embryonic police state". They are reading from prepared scripts and it appears that the time has now come to begin to subtlety introduce the 'concept' of a police state to the general population, the majority of whom are still oblivious to the 'paradigm shift' happening to them.

The implications of this legislation cannot be understated and should not be disregarded as if unimportant. It should be noted that the proposed 10-'08 implementation is still pending until after a 9-17 hearing, most likely to fine tune what looks to be some 'racial profiling' issues (see article).

Turning police officers into spies? There is a word for that. That word is gestapo. fyi

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