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follow up on the 2-city lockdown: Police State Amerika- Tale of Two Cities
Cops Impose Curfew in Hartford, CT

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Police took 16 young people off the streets on the first night of a curfew crackdown in response to escalating violence, officials said.

"The curfew in the Connecticut capital bans anyone under 18 from loitering on the streets after 9 p.m., unless they are with a parent or guardian."

Police have said the curfew ordinance will be enforced for 30 days.

An ACLU attorney, David McGuire, said the group opposes juvenile curfews because they violate the fundamental rights of innocent people. He said there were no immediate plans for legal action against the city.
Big Brother conditioning

Looks like everything is going just 'swimmingly' in the Connecticut "curfew crackdown" population training exercise. Fundamental rights being violated...it's the new norm in the CT capital of Hartford.

Coming to a 'homeland' city near you comrade...

compare: terrorism liaison officers?
and: behavior police

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