Rick Warren, Politics, and One World Religion

re: Warren, Obama, and McCain at Presidential Forum, Saddleback Church 8-16-08
quote: "January 10, 2006: According to a news story in the January 8th edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Rick Warren says Christian fundamentalism will be an enemy of the 21st century."

The above statement by Rick Warren is actually a true statement even though the real intention is to create a negative connotation by 'labeling'. True biblical Christianity, or what is being labeled as Christian fundamentalism, will in fact truly be an "enemy of the 21st century" because the "21st century" global management plan, aka as 'Agenda 21', 3-legged stool, etc. is truly going to become the global system of the Antichrist, whether unbelieving Christendom believes it or not.
Compare this excerpt from another article with an included quote from a Christian pastor of not too long ago:
from Prophezine Jan. 8 2007 article: "This is the year were we as solid bible believing Christians are going to start seeing the intolerance grow towards us more and more. Can you guess where the majority of these attacks will come from? The mainstream churches.

One of the most surprising predictions was made several decades ago by one of my favorite pastors, J Vernon McGee. He predicted that true believers - even here in America - will eventually have to go "underground."

But he also added..."The attacks against them will come from the denominational churches""

*Note the "illumined one" photo (compare jon-the-baptist Gore). These sort of photos are not by chance, and are not uncommon in regards to certain individuals who are playing leading roles in the global transformation agenda. No, they are by design...and that design seems to be for identification w/the 'cause'.
Making him a 'household name'

As Purpose Driven Warren is to be given national and international recognition this Saturday evening through the exposure gained from the Obama/McCain forum which he will moderate, it is obvious that this is a calculated move to give Warren even greater 'celebrity' status which can then be used to further the religion merging aspect of the world government agenda, in which of course he is playing a leading role.

As for squelching the opposition, the attacks have already begun, and since the one world church/government builders have pledged themselves on numerous occasions to fight "extremism"...we can probably surmise that McGee's prediction (quoted above) is coming true, i.e. the attacks will come from 'within'...from the 'outwardly' religious but politically controlled world interfaith organization being built and which is now being taken to the next level...open promotion of the program and the 'chosen' leaders.

And, the attacks against the "enemy" will certainly increase. The bigger this gets, the greater the need to do away with that that exposes it for what it really is. Be aware of the times....Rev. 18:4

re: fighting 'extremists' aka "fundamentalists"...see
also: job-opening-false-prophet

research to understand... follow links, connect dots
as for the photos:
Luke 11:35 Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.

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