Police State Amerika- Tale of Two Cities

city one: Connecticut city imposes curfew after shootings Reuters

"Let there be no doubt that this mayor will impose whatever measures necessary to keep the peace," Eddie Perez, mayor of the city of about 124,500 people, told a news conference.

Starting on Thursday, anyone under the age of 18 who is on the streets after 9 p.m. without an adult will be picked up by police and brought to a community center where a parent or guardian can collect them, he said.
city two: Arkansas town on lockdown"Martial Law" (2 min)

re: conditioning the public

Question...while sitting comfortably watching the "One World One Dream" (get it?) O-games....are you paying close attention to how things are done in China? Looks like the transformational overseers of the New Amerika are. Take note..it's no game!

see: China And The Global Agenda ; martial law- italian style
see all: police state
what is the 'the Dream'?

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