Spy Cams and 'Lockdowns' Planned

NYPD's Operation Sentinel To Track Everything
"The New York Police Department wants to photograph the license plates of every vehicle coming into Manhattan and keep the image and information in a database. The proposal is part of a multimillion dollar plan to secure lower Manhattan. It includes cameras, license plate readers and radiation detectors."
More surveillance cams in NYC? That's nothing....they've already got a 10-yr. plan for the entire 'North American' continent...see: 'North America Speed Enforcement' Plan)
'(NaturalNews) The federal government would need to quarantine infected households and ban public gatherings to contain pandemic flu, according to a computer simulation study conducted by researchers from Virginia Tech and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."
"Because of the belief that a pandemic cannot be avoided, researchers are instead looking into ways to limit its effects."

"We are not talking about simply shutting things down for a day or two like a snow day," Eubank said. "It's a sustained period for weeks or months."

""In the context of a very infectious disease that is killing a large number of the people, I think large fractions of the population won't have a problem with these recommendations," he said.
Not 'If', but 'When' and 'How' are the two unknown variables in the global transformation equation. Which method will be used as the 'trigger event' to initiate the permanent destruction of the existing sovereign-nation system, such as the U.S. used to be...and when? It "cannot be avoided" we are being told (psychologically manipulated) once again....whether it's birds with the sniffles, or so-called enemy attack aka "mass casualty/critical care event", or financial collapse, etc. Regardless of the 'method' chosen, the thing that is certain is that 'when' the global kingdom dream/agenda arrives at the point of "locking down" entire U.S. cities for whichever reason...it will be much more than a "sustained period" as the advertisement states...it undoubtedly will be permanent.

Once again, the would-be godmen/globalists have no plan 'B', and they are not the least bit concerned about 'playing fair'. compare: govt. 'mass casualty' plan

Acts 2:37-38

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