NWO Reigning In The 'Net'

update on: FCC internet filtering ruling
Comcast Sets Monthly Bandwidth Limit for Customers:
Thursday, August 28, 2008

Comcast, the largest provider of cable-based broadband service in the U.S., will limit residential customers to 250 gigabytes of bandwidth a month beginning Oct. 1, the company announced late Thursday.

Comcast will contact customers who go above the 250G byte limit and ask them to curtail their use, Comcast said. If a customer goes over the monthly limit again during the following six months, Comcast will suspend service for a year.

An average Comcast customer uses two to three gigabytes of bandwidth a month, Comcast said. To reach the 250G-byte limit, a customer would have to do one of the following: send 50 million e-mails, download 62,500 songs or download 125 standard-definition movies, the company said in its announcement.
re: 'largest provider...limit residential customers'

First ever bandwidth limit...for bandwidth hogs of course. Slowing down the whole net for the rest of us they say. "Limiting residential customers" is the catch phrase here though.

This is only a first step, just the beginning...but the 'residential-limit' precedent has been set. Mark the day...they've got many more control measures up their sleeves no doubt. Too much truth getting out.

The clock is ticking...be aware.

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