Will You Spy For DHS?

Your role in reporting terror threats

State and local Homeland Security agencies want a whole bunch of people looking out for terror threats... all of us! So what are you supposed to look for?

The answers come in a video unveiled Wednesday called "The Seven Signs of Terrorism".

The Institute for Security Studies at UNLV created the video in cooperation with Metro and other state and local agencies. They want to distribute it to public and private security officers, hospitality workers, transit workers, taxi drivers; anyone who might see and report something suspicious. (video at site link)

re: "your role"
Not a good sign when the Amerika-transformers begin to turn their efforts inward as is now being done, manipulating and conditioning people to be anxious and nervous in an attempt to get them looking for the mysterious lurking 'Domestic Terrorists'.
And to spy on their neighbors. Right out of 1984

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