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update on: TRO for Obama?
from a foreign news source:
Barack Obama Is Not a US Citizen : Pakistan Daily

Birth Certificate Found in Kenya. Citizen of Kenya and Indonesia. Hawaiian Certificate Forged.

On Aug. 21st attorney Philip J. Berg requested an injunction in Federal Court against the nomination of Barack Obama, citing evidence that candidate Barack Obama is not a US citizen, and "the obvious problems that will occur when the Republican Party raises these issues after Obama is nominated."

Berg argues that Barack Obama was born in Kenya in 1961 to an American woman, Stanley Ann Dunham, and a Kenyan man, Barack Hussein Obama Senior, as reportedly shown by a birth certificate from Mombasa Maternity Hospital. According to the law at that time, a parent could pass US citizenship on to a child born abroad if the parent was at least 19 years old. Obama's mother was only 18.

No hospital birth certificate has been produced to show Obama was born in Hawaii, only a certificate of birth registry after the fact, which forensics experts have denounced as a forgery. Moreover, when Obama was six years old his mother remarried and moved with her husband to his country, Indonesia. Records indicate Obama was naturalized as an Indonesian citizen. Indonesia does not allow dual nationality, so even had he been born in Hawaii, he would have lost his citizenship then.

Even if Obama is able to provide a US birth certificate, a dozen more insurmountable scandals face this unelectable candidate, which the Republicans can hardly wait to unleash on him after he is nominated.... article
re: Mombassa Maternity Hospital?
Regardless of appearances (and theatrical nomination ceremonies in 'Greek Temple' settings in Mile High stadiums [8-28-08]), the mysterious Obama saga may still not be over. It's interesting to note that the actual vote to nominate BO as the democratic candidate was never officially completed, being interrupted by Hillary to nominate Obama by 'acclamation'. May be some intricate chicanery going on here. Have to watch this one until the end as the door seems to not have been closed.
One thing is beyond question though, and that is that the transformational globalist agenda will be advanced by every twist and turn of the script however it plays out. Don't be fooled by the maintenance of the illusion of elections and politicians. The 'homeland' will be assimilated into the global management system (martial law assisted?) and the 'switchover day' is drawing ever closer. That's the real world of 2008 whether people are willing to see it or not. Watch and see...Rev. 18:4

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