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What else is happening at the Mexican 'World AIDS conference':

World AIDS Conference under way in Mexico City
"The World AIDS Conference in Mexico City is under way, and a couple of Christians -- one a ministry leader and the other a journalist -- are offering their perspective of the conference."

"According to their reports, the conference does more to promote the homosexual lifestyle...

"...I mean there's booths here that promote homosexuality and [there are] booths that promote condoms, a booth that promotes sex workers or prostitutes. There's cross dressers and [there are] just a lot of people who need to hear that Jesus loves them," he maintains.

Meanwhile, 'across town', the Administrative branch of the 'social works agency' for the now forming 'global management system' is being created. If Rick Warren and friends can provide the ground crews, they'll handle the paperwork:(see above post, or: here)

WHO and World Bank unite for better results from global health ...
"Mexico City – As delegates gather at the International AIDS Conference (3-8 August), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank on Tuesday addressed the pressing global debate around health systems and initiatives in specific aspects of health, nutrition and population."
"In an effort to gather evidence and provide technical guidance in this area, WHO and the World Bank have agreed to join forces in collaboration with a wide range of interested stakeholders including country officials, academic and research institutions, Global Health Initiatives and civil society organizations."

"“This collaboration will be useful at the country and global levels. We will generate new knowledge, work with countries to improve their approaches and share lessons at the regional and global levels,”"
One world government...few can recognize it. This is what it looks like, and it's here now. Rev. 18:4

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