Need Global Food Program, Says Global AIDS

follow up on: Purpose Driven, International AIDS, and World Govt.
from closing day 8-7-08, World Aids conference, Mexico:
Global Food Crisis Threatens HIV Control

"A spike in food prices that is projected to continue in coming years demands that governments and humanitarian groups address food security as part of their work against the HIV and AIDS pandemic, said Dr. Ramon Soto, World Vision's regional director for HIV and AIDS in Latin America and the Caribbean, at the XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City."

""The outlook is serious in our region," said Dr. Soto. "A lack of access to adequate food - whether due to higher prices or shortages - means more people on HIV treatment will suffer from a lack of nutrition that can undermine the medicines' effects.""

""We need to create and support safe alternative ways families can boost their income, such as through micro-lending for small, entrepreneurial businesses and food production. Programs that assure fortified feeding for children to boost their immune systems, such as our work in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, are examples of effective interventions on this front," Soto said."
re: governments, humanitarian groups, 'food security'

Building the global system

Controlling the world's food supply will be necessary for the establishment and the retaining of the now-being-implemented authoritarian, micromanaged,
"3-legged stool" interwoven network which is needed to rule over the global peasantry. World Vision regional director Dr. Ramon Sato, reading from the same infamous globalization script that Blair, Brown, Schwarzenegger, Warren, McCain, Obama, the pope, etc. have all been reading from, turns to the next page which calls for the very thing..to create programs, i.e create a global food security network...as an auxiliary to the global social works department (here) . Amazing...almost like they planned it.

Global food department of the one world government...partially staffed by 'humanitarian groups' of course (here). Does not bode well for the sovereignty of nations. The Babel Tower is rising, can you see it from your house yet?

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Playing the 'food card'?
Gen. 11:4 'And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven'

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