96 Countries Practice NWO Global Police State In Tampa, Florida

Related to: Global Police State Birthed: U.S. And Foreign Governments Announce "Bureau of Counterterrorism" Launch 1-5-12 "President Obama's State Department announced, during a press briefing today [1-4-12], the creation of the Bureau of Counterterrorism, which will coordinate with United States entities such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and foreign governments to develop civilian counterterrorism strategies and operations." - Coordination between DHS and foreign governments to "build the capacity of partner nations". Hardly necessary to read between the lines to see what is happening here. It could not be any more plain to see. It amounts to nothing less than a global police state apparatus under Zionist U.S. control [here] in the making. As plain as could be. [see post]
"Global Special Forces Partnership" Assaults Tampa, Florida

0:45 Special forces from 96 countries including NATO nations came together for a week long conference...The event focused on building the Global Special Forces Partnership with a vision toward forging networks of special forces worldwide

1:02 What we're doing is we're trying to have a new strategic approach to how we employ special operations throughout the world and we think the best way to do that is partnering with our soft partners globally, having key partners around the world and then having those regional partners do those things required to avoid a regional conflict

1:38 special forces could work together in many fields....such as counterterrorism actions, intelligence actions...the piracy's, the terrorism....subjects like that...we have common needs

3:40 working together in a global partnership has many advantages

6:10 As security challenges become more global the international framework of special forces becomes more important

More 'fruit' of the NWO's so-called GWOT: networks of "special forces" worldwide - hereafter to be known as the "Global Special Forces Partnership". Militarily controlled global dictatorship? - and 'practicing' in a major U.S. city? Can it get any more plain than this? fyi
See also: Defense Department Asking Congress For Legislation To 'Fight Crime' Globally 4-1-12 "Roaming at will para-military forces with global jurisdiction and unlimited power to enforce a global dictatorship is what this amounts to. The implications are vast, none of them good."
Jer. 51:53 'Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the LORD'

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