Culling The Herd In The NWO? 6-11-12 TIME Magazine Wants To Talk To You About "How To Die"

updated 6-10-12 (NaturalNews) TIME Magazine peddling death agenda propaganda with new coverstory "HOW TO DIE."

"Inside, the magazine promotes a cost-saving death agenda that encourages readers to literally "pull the feeding tubes" from their dying elderly parents, causing them to dehydrate and die. This is explained as a new cost-saving measure that drastically reduces return hospital visits by the elderly... yeah, because dead people don't return to the hospital, of course.

Yep here's an actual quote from the TIME Magazine story: "Renal failure [resulting from purposely inflicted dehydration] is a good way to go," the story says."*

re: 'cost saving'

TIME magazine publishing this cover and the article which goes along with it that "encourages readers to literally pull the feeding tubes", clearly signals the mainstreaming of the idea of so-called euthanasia. Apparently the paradigm-shifters of the NWO feel that the 'euthanasia' issue is now 'ready for prime time baby', and so there it is, right out in the open for all to see. Bright, bold, and in your face. Definitely an upping of the propaganda in an attempt to bring the idea out of the shadowy netherworld and begin 'normalizing' it.

We do well to strip away that nice-sounding word "euthanasia" though, and while we're at it the phrase "end of life care" also because these hide what it is that is actually being done. These terms are an attempt to sanitize the blood letting. 'Culling' is the correct word. It is killing off the old, and killing off the weak and tired, or the sick or 'depressed' - those with various issues who wrongly see "assisted suicide" as an answer. This 6-11-12 TIME magazine "How To Die" piece is promulgating the very thing.

That it has come to this point is no surprise when the driving force behind the madness is understood. The vast masses of people are viewed by the cabalist-globalists as little more than resources to be managed for their own benefit as they construct the new-order-of-the-ages wherein all of humanity shall be subdued under their totalitarian feet [see: Zionists]...or so they intend. Ridding themselves of those who are no longer 'useful' is purely a business decision in this demonic mindset [see: Drucker/Agenda 21] - no return on the investment after a certain point so might as well put them to sleep - they had a good life anyway - right?

Normalizing the idea - the push has started. Most likely the plan is to force it eventually anyway - although they would rather you buy into it now because that would be much easier. Buyer beware and buy not.

Compare: Dutch Government Sending Out 'Terminators': World's First Mobile Euthanasia Units 2-10-12 "The world’s first mobile team to administer euthanasia in patients’ homes will be launched next month. Units will be dispatched when family doctors refuse to administer lethal drugs on ‘ethical’ grounds. The launch of the first unit, which will consist of at least a doctor and a nurse, was confirmed on Radio Netherlands by the country’s Right to Die Association. [Levenseinde, or "Life End", house-call units began operating 3-1-12: here] - 'The euthanasia agenda is an issue pertaining to global management, i.e. eugenic control of the world's populations in the context of "resource management" concerns. The resources in question being of course human cattle, and the management issue being a bottom line cost-versus-benefit business decision in whether or not to extend the life of any certain 'resource'. Is it cost-productive, in other words' ...'Here is where what is happening in Holland ties-in to the current state of affairs in the USA. So-called Obamacare came under fire a little over a year ago because this basic philosopy was found to be woven into the language of the bill. Opponents pointed out that in reality the language was allowing for the creation of what would eventually become in essence "death panels"....Obamacare so-called is still pending. And the death-panel philosophy woven into it has not gone away, it is just on the back burner - while "all sides are given their chance to comment"....Eugenics [euthanasia included] is a part of the global agenda and the demented would-be global masters have no intention of letting it go. In fact - the Dutch are starting to knock on doors. Be aware." [see post; follow links]

*see: 'Euthanasia' Alive and Well in CA? 9-1-08 "Total sedation (TS) – called by some 'terminal sedation,' 'palliative sedation,' or 'slow euthanasia' – is a protocol recently added to the lexicon of contemporary medical interventions and is a construct actively promulgated by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO)," wrote Dr. Howard M. Ducharme, past chair of the philosophy department at the University of Akron" - ""Total sedation" becomes the ridiculous euphemism for putting someone to death, and is then marketed as an acceptable if not desirable medical technique..."

Psalms 68:20 'He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto GOD the Lord belong the issues from death'

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