EU Lays Out "Detailed Proposal" For Economic Merge; And Bible Prophecy

This post is a follow up on: Engineered European 'Debt Crisis' Births Secretive Economic Cabal: The Frankfurt Group 11-10-11 "The one-world government foretold by the Bible is not being built overnight...With the passage of the Lisbon Treaty in October of 2009, the 27 nations of the European Union saw their national constitutions superseded by, i.e. made subservient to, a new constitution of what is now a European 'Superstate'...More work needs to be done and that of course requires an even "closer integration", i.e. merging of the economies. How can dictatorial power ever be achieved without economic control? It cannot of course so the simple solution is to dial up some unparalleled economic chaos, like what is currently happening throughout Europe, [and then] create a "new collective economic 'government" that can overrule what's left of the individual national governments..." - And there it is...a new "powerhouse of Europe"...the result of the Zionist-illuminati European 'debt-crisis' cirque de chaos: an unelected cabal assigning themselves as the new "economic government" of Europe - dubbed "The Frankfurt Group". The name being given, reportedly, after the group was formed at an "emergency meeting" last month in Frankfurt Germany. [see post]
E.U. Proposes Centralized Banking Regulator

[excerpted] FRANKFURT — Under growing international and financial market pressure to fix the region’s bank problems, European officials on Tuesday took a step toward surrendering a cherished national prerogative by proposing to shift banking regulation to a central authority

Pressure for bold action by the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and other euro zone leaders escalated Tuesday after a conference call by finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 7 nations, which include Germany, Japan and the United States

...endorsing the plan for a more integrated banking system would demonstrate that European leaders were willing to endow centralized institutions with powers that in the past were closely guarded by national governments.

The proposals “form one of the cornerstones of a future banking union for Europe,” Michel Barnier, the European commissioner responsible for the internal market, said during an interview Tuesday, a day ahead of the formal announcement.

The detailed proposal for steps toward a so-called banking union comes a day after Germany indicated it might provide greater support for its most indebted euro zone partners in exchange for more centralized control over government spending in Europe..

“The world wants to know how we expect the political union to complement the currency union,” Ms. Merkel, the German chancellor, said late Monday.

The plans also require some private investors in failing banks to bear the costs previously been borne by governments and ultimately taxpayers. That measure would take effect Jan. 1, 2018...Most of the other rules are supposed to go into force in 2015.

Pressure on Europe is also coming from the administration of President Barack Obama, which is concerned about the effects of the euro zone crisis on the U.S. economy. American officials have pressed European ministers to act quickly and forcefully to prevent financial contagion from Spain and Greece.

Note that the meeting was in fact in Frankfurt, home of the now forming "economic government" of Europe.
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And so the regional global-government plan to merge Europe into a single-entity political-economic Superstate progresses. The European economic chaos has done and continues to do it's destructive work, 'magically' creating international pressure to "fix the region's bank problems". This will require a "surrendering" of the "cherished national prerogative", i.e. each individual nation giving up sovereignty over their own economy to that of a "central authority". Merkel of Germany points out that this is crucial because the world expects the already existing "political union to complement the currency union". So you see, since we already have political integration of Europe, a 'currency integration' to go along with it is only natural. In fact, says Merkel, we will be more than happy to help the "most indebted" of the seventeen euro zone members (Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, etc) "in exchange for more centralized control". Exactly how it was drawn up to work - crash the economies, take over the nations. Note also that "private investors" are to be brought into the mix in 2018. This very clearly takes economic control over all of Europe even further away from individual nation-states, placing it squarely in the hands of private entities.

Nations being dissolved and merged into regional blocs is Bible prophecy being fulfilled. The Book of Daniel predicts exactly what is happening globally today - the dividing of the governments of the world into regions or 'unions'; and then reveals that this development would be the scenario that sets the stage for the consequent rise of one who will make himself king over all...aka the biblical Antichrist. It can not get any more 'privatized' than this. The globalists are now making great strides in creating this global-regional system. The bible (KJV) is true, time to believe. see: "ten kings...shall arise" Dan. 7:24
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