NWO Religious Civil Unrest Plan Underway: 2nd Interfaith Rally To Oppose HHS Mandate Today 6-8-12; 164 Cities

6-8-12 update - 164 cities: standupforreligiousfreedom.com "The list of cities taking part in today’s Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally now stands at 164...Opposition among the American people to the HHS Mandate’s assault on religious freedom is intense—and getting stronger! From Augusta, Maine to Miami, Florida to Fairbanks, Alaska to Honolulu, Hawaii the American people are sending a message that we will not stand idly by while the federal government forces all employer health plans to provide free contraceptives, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs, regardless of any moral or religious objections....Stand Up Rally Draws 25,629, with 45 Cities Tallied...With fewer than half of all Rally Captains reporting from across the country, the headcount for today’s Stand Up Rally has already hit 25,629!"

[Originally posted 6-6-12] This post is a follow up on: First Major Rally To Oppose HHS Mandate Today, March 23, 2012; 140 Sites Nationwide 3-23-12 "standupforreligiousfreedom.com...The speakers at the more than 130 Rally sites represent a wide array of backgrounds and professions, including members of Congress, physicians, college presidents, pastors, radio hosts, law professors, heads of organizations, publishers, religious sisters, pregnancy resource directors, and rabbis." - The paradigm-shifting significance of today's event cannot be understated. Never before seen in the U.S. - the government moving to restrict religion, and a first ever "unifaith" rally to oppose. It is a historical moment, but not in a good way. And definitely be aware that this is only the beginning of the what the NWO has planned in terms of using 'religious protest' to disrupt Americana.
150 Cities Will See Protests Against Obama HHS Mandate

More than 150 cities will see pro-life advocates and others opposed to the new Obama HHS mandate take to the streets to make it know they don’t appreciate the violation of religious liberty the mandate makes by requiring religious groups to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs for their employees.

The Stand Up Rally will be held at federal buildings this Friday, June 8 at noon local time across the country, at federal buildings, Congressional offices and historic sites in such cities as Chicago, New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Philadelphia.

The June 8 Rally will take place on the 223rd anniversary of the day James Madison introduced the Bill of Rights to the 1st Congress, including what would become the First Amendment.

“The First Amendment’s historic safeguard of our most basic freedoms is now under attack by the Obama administration’s HHS Mandate,” said Stand Up Rally national co-director Eric Scheidler. “On June 8, 2012, we will stand up for the First Amendment and demand that all our health care laws respect religious freedom.”

Scheidler and Miller have built a coalition of 65 religious and civil rights organizations — including the Alliance Defense Fund, Association of Mature American Citizens, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Freedom for Americans, the National Black Pro-Life Coalition, LifeNews and the Thomas More Society — devoted to overturning the HHS Mandate.

compare: Bishops Mobilizing Catholic Church To 'Resist' U.S. Government - "Fortnight To Freedom" June 21 - July 4 "Understanding that the "attack against religious freedom" is designed to accomplish this very thing [interfaith organizations forming], the NWO strategy becomes very apparent. As designed, neither the government nor the religious groups will yield their position, which leaves only one outcome possible, that being society destabilizing chaos. Just as planned...Religious groups protesting to protect their core beliefs and the government refusing to give in is going to dramatically change life in the USA - permanently. Voila. The opportunity has been created to find "solutions". For starters, solutions like "interfaith partnerships". Interfaith partnerships that can then begin to work toward dialectic compromises for "the common good"...Like for instance, a liberal all-inclusive global religion built on tolerance and the brotherhood of mankind for the novus ordo seclorum. Just as foretold in the Word of God. A one world religion (Rev. 17:3,4,5*) as counterpart to a one-world government.
This will be the second "Stand Up" rally [see update link above], and they already have an interfaith - civil rights groups coalition of 65 organizations. The Catholic church launches a massive two-week protest nationwide in just two weeks, most likely to be joined by a number of evangelical groups. All parties involved in each case swearing civil disobedience if it comes down to it - to "take to the streets".

Sixty-five different religious and secular organizations and the entire Catholic Church all fighting against the one "common enemy"? It is plain to see that the NWO ordo ab chao plan is working 'like a charm' already. Be aware, the religious civil-unrest plan to conglomerate religion in New Amerika is just getting started and it is very likely to be quite 'disruptive' when it gets up to speed. Rev. 18:4

much more on this; see all: ; 'Manhattan Declaration'
*Rev. 17:3,5 "...and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns...And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH"

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