Florida Court Hearing June 18: Team Obama To Give Natural Born Citizen 'Interpretation' - If They Show Up

Follow up on: NWO Throws Romney Birth Certificate Curve Ball - Father Mexican Born 5-29-12 "...Obama supposedly has British citizenship questions due to his Kenyan born father being a British subject...which citizenship reportedly was then automatically conferred upon Obama... it should be noted that to date no definitive determination has ever been made on the exact requirements for "natural born citizenship". The Constitution does not do so. Hence the battle by the NWO-ers to make the term virtually meaningless as they continue to deconstruct the U.S. for globalization purposes... The dual-citizenship/allegiance issue as a disqualifier seems to be very clear though per the Article II eligibility clause which forbids it" [see post]
Florida Judge Schedules Natural Born Citizen Hearing To Decide Obama Name On State Ballot

A hearing has been scheduled in a Florida court to allow attorneys representing the White House to support their claim that the term “natural born citizen” in the U.S. Constitution means something other than the offspring of two American citizens.

Judge Terry Lewis in Leon County has set a hearing for June 18 to consider arguments from both sides of a challenge to Obama’s name on the 2012 state election ballot.

Attorney Larry Klayman’s law firm filed the challenge to Obama’s name on the ballot on behalf of Democrat Michael Voeltz, “a registered member of the Democrat Party, voter, and taxpayer in Broward County, who was an eligible elector for the Florida Primary of Jan. 31, 2012.”

The definition of the term is critical. Such a step has not been reached in any of the more than 100 legal cases that have been brought over Obama’s eligibility since before his election in 2008.

Klayman has argued that since Obama was not born to two citizen parents, he is is not a “natural born citizen” as required by Article II of the Constitution and, therefore, is ineligible to be a candidate on the state’s election ballot.

Klayman told WND that the case is in the discovery stage in which attorneys are supposed to be able to request documents, evidence and testimony that would further refine and define the issues in dispute for the court.

“Obama’s briefs [said] it would be an undue burden and expense to have discovery,” Klayman said.

The argument also cites Barack Obama Sr.’s birth in Kenya, making him a “British subject”.

“The British Nationality Act of 1948, Part 2, Section 5, Clause 1, makes Defendant Obama, the son of a British subject, also a British subject at birth. At best, defendant Obama was born a dual citizen of Britain and the United States. These facts make clear that defendant Obama was not a ‘natural born citizen’ as required by the U.S. Constitution.”

The fact that state officials have sworn an oath to “support, protect, and defend” the Florida and U.S. constitutions means the issue needs an answer, the brief argues, and state officials are “duty bound to uphold the eligibility requirements.”
re: 'undue burden and expense'

The Obama show simply ignored the last major eligibility challenge, which was in Georgia. First, by refusing court orders to produce documents, and then on the day of the hearing by simply failing to appear - all very dictator like. Not to worry, the case was thrown out a week later by the Georgia judge with not much more than a wave of the hand in way of explanation:

NWO Update: Obama 'Disses' Georgia Court Citizenship Hearing 1-26-12
Georgia Court Ruling In: 'Team Obama' Citizenship Case Thrown Out 2-3-12

A determinative "natural born citizen" definition is a monumental issue. Whether that can of worms will be opened in Florida is anybody's guess. This case though seems to be possibly headed in the same direction as the Georgia case, meaning that it too may just be ignored if the fact that the White House lawyers having refused "discovery" [as stated in the article] as being too burdensome and expensive is any indication. At any rate, the next installment of constitutional crisis NWO is right around the corner...stay tuned

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