Houston Got BusSafe, Now San Fransisco Transit System To Get 288 "Behavior Analysis" Cameras

Follow up on:"BusSafe" Update: Houston Residents Object To Interrogations And Searches 4-28-12 "What was done on the Houston Metro system is only a trial of a program already slated for nationwide implementation. And as stated at the update link above, "the move to monitor and curtail crime on buses and trains is just one component of a much larger initiative". This "much larger initiative" statement seems to make clear that the NWO self-proclaimed elite intend to make "monitoring and curtailing" a fact of life just about anywhere one may go in New Amerika. It's already started in Houston. Take note."
New surveillance cameras will use computer eyes to find 'pre crimes' by detecting suspicious behaviour and calling for guards dailymail.co.uk

  • Computerised detectors look for 'abnormal' behaviour
  • When suspicious individuals are seen, guards called
  • BRS machines have been trialled in numerous locations
  • 288 cameras to be installed on subway in San Francisco

  • A new generation of computerised 'Big Brother’ cameras are able to spot if you are a terrorist or a criminal - before you even commit a crime. Using a range of in-built parameters of what is ‘normal’ the cameras then send a text message to a human guard to issue an alert - or call them.

    Manufacturers BRS Labs said it has installed the cameras at tourist attractions, government buildings and military bases in the U.S. In its latest project BRS Labs is to install its devices on the transport system in San Francisco, which includes buses, trams and subways.

    The company says will put them in 12 stations with up to 22 cameras in each, bringing the total number to 288. The cameras will be able to track up to 150 people at a time in real time and will gradually build up a ‘memory’ of suspicious behaviour to work out what is suspicious.

    Each camera has a series of virtual ‘trip wires’ and if any activated then an alert is sent out to a human supervisor. The relevant clip of footage is then sent over the Internet to human employees, along with a text message informing them of more details.

    0:15 ..eyesight is able to learn from each camera on the video network individually and create it's own memories of what should and should not happen...this represents a quantum leap from video analytics to behavioral analytics..the ability to apply multiple learned memories combined with environmental factors to accurately recognize the behavior of a person or object as opposed to simply identifying it and locating it's position on a screen is the true power of behavioral analytics...you see by allowing the computer to do the watching the learning and yes the thinking the situational awareness of your facility will increase along with the ability to identify and respond to threats as they happen...because you don't define what each camera identifies...[?]...the possibilities is endless
    The city of Houston along with TSA recently launched the "BusSafe" program, at which time it was announced that it was actually only one part of a "much larger initiative" to "monitor and curtail crime" [see update link above; also below]. Now, less than two months later, apparently another part of that "initiative" is being launched in San Francisco. "Behavior analysis" surveillance has officially begun in New Amerika. "Eyesight" they call it (the video starts [0:09] with a picture of a camera lens that is really a symbolic 'all-seeing eye' - the official seal of the NWO). Know about it, the NWO-ers are no doubt still just getting started with their 'initiative-plans' to finish off the transformation of the USA from free to a total surveillance full-fledged police state. Rev. 18:4

    see also: "Intellistreets": Wireless Talking Streetlights w/Cameras Stalking Your Every Move Coming To Your City 5-14-12 "Big Brother is getting a new 24/7 "network control system", and plans to be stalking not only city streets, but malls, college campuses, sports venues, and the suburbs too. Be informed."

    BusSafe: TSA, City Of Houston Launch Orwellian National Pilot Program To Put Gestapo On Buses 4-17-12 'Interrogation of passengers, random bag searches, K9 sweeps, along with undercover secret police riding buses and "aggressively" monitoring for "suspicious activity" so that they can "prevent...criminal activity or behavior" - these gestapo tactics are now the law of the land in New Amerika 2012."
    Psalms 50:3 'Our God shall come, and shall not keep silence: a fire shall devour before him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about him'

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