Rio+20 Wraps Up, World In Agreement To Adopt "New Models of Thinking"; Global Government Is Here

Follow up on: 'Rio+20' June 20-22, 2012: World To Meet, Agree On Green Global Dictatorship 6-15-12 "Reportedly there are significant disagreements, but it should be noted that these disagreements are not at all about whether or not there should be a 'global agreement', but simply over the details, i.e who, what, when, how much, etc.. This is why Ban Ki-moon remarks that the "so-called 'outcome document' that will emerge....will not be the defining measure". Very clearly this is the case. The defining measure is that the battle to get the entire world on board to accept the "new model" of 'global-micromanagement by self-appointed elites' under the guise of environmentalism has been fully accomplished." [see post]
Rio+20 earth summit concludes with few commitments cbc.ca

Countries agree to develop long-term sustainability goals - but without timelines

Dubbed the Rio+20 conference to mark the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit that set out a global path to protect the environment, the Brazilian meeting was everything that summits have become in recent years: a colourful event with demonstrations, celebrities, cultural celebrations, business round tables, intense social media and riot police.

As far as content goes, however, the meeting produced a vision statement [50 pp. pdf] that contained plenty of good intentions but very few solid commitments.

Generally, countries committed to pay more attention to climate change, and increase aid for development. They also agreed to eventually develop long-term goals for sustainable development — global targets for both the environment and for eradicating global poverty. Timelines and amounts were absent.

The fact that the more than 130 countries in attendance could agree to a joint statement at all was hailed as a victory.

"The most compelling products of this conference are the models of new thinking" that will push countries into action, said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
re: "committed...agreed...130 countries...joint statement"

Going into the Rio+20 conference Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon had cautioned all not to expect any type of dramatic result as far as concerned any "outcome document" [see 'follow up' above], and as he stated, that is the case. For that reason then it is no surprise to see that what has come from Rio+20 in Brazil 2012 is a loosely defined "vision statement". One with "few commitments". In other words, short on the "who, what, when, how much, etc.".

The reality is though that these things are of no import whatsoever in terms of the true goal of the global green agenda. This must be understood. There is only one true goal behind the fictional 'climate change/global warming' agenda, and it is not 'carbon levels' in the upper atmosphere. The one and only goal is the creation of a global regulatory framework with which to control every activity and every person on the planet. This of course would not be doable if the earth did not need to "be saved". But the earth does need to "be saved", say the would-be demigods of the earth, which is why we need to make all these new global laws. Capeesh?

And so, people of planet earth, the fact is that in Rio de Janeiro 2012, all 130 countries in attendance have committed and agreed to what Hillary Clinton calls "the models of new thinking". In layman's language, this means they are all fully on board, and are now actively submitting their governments, and people, to what is nothing less than absolute dictatorial control of every aspect of life on the globe, via so-called SDG's, or "sustainable development goals". All, once again, to 'save the earth'.

With all countries now in agreement, working out the "who, what, when, how much, etc." does not need to happen today, at Rio, that is. That will be ongoing, but the reality that must be grasped is that for all intents and purposes a functioning one world government is now existing. That's real. Take note. It's also biblical. The 666 global kingdom of Antichrist. You don't want to be a part of it. Rev. 18:4
compare: G20 #7 Wraps up, Globalist Leaders Pledge To "Act Together"; EU Summit to Merge Eurozone Next - June 28-29 6-20-12 "The goal of a single global economic system as an integral part of a one world government is moving ahead in leaps and bounds."
Believer: Luke 21:28 'And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh'

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