Obama Updates: SCOTUS #2, Electoral College, Berg

Electors challenged to investigate birth dispute WND

An activist organization has posted a video on YouTube challenging members of the Electoral College to investigate the dispute over Barack Obama's birth certificate and eligibility for office.

The U.S. Constitution requires that the president be a "natural born" citizen, but the organization, Democratic-Disaster.com, says instead of providing the documentation, Obama has hired three law firms to make certain the public does not have access to it.

That's where the electors come in, according to the organization. The group says they have the "moral and constitutional obligation" to investigate and be assured of Obama's eligibility.

[quotes] "Electors have a right to request credentials of a candidate," it says. "Electors have a duty to the country over any pledge to the party to vote their consciences.
"You must have no doubt the candidate meets the natural born citizenship and age requirements," it continues.
It cites the "certification of live birth" that the Obama campaign posted on the Internet as documentation of his birth as inadequate because it includes no information about a hospital, a midwife, a doctor, a location and is not traceable.
"Obama has the ability … to resolve this matter, [but hasn't,]" the video says. "The only reasonable explanation is that he doesn't have a document that shows he was born in the U.S."
"The video is just the latest effort to establish clarity for the public regarding Obama's birth."

Supremes turn down request to stop Electoral vote wnd
But Friday, high court will consider another case in flood of eligibility challenges

The U.S. Supreme Court has turned aside a request to stop the Electoral College from selecting the 44th president, in a vote scheduled for Monday, until Barack Obama documents his eligibility for the office under the Constitution's requirement that presidents must be "natural born" citizens.

The action came in a case brought to the high court by Philip J. Berg, who alleges Obama is ineligible to be president.

The controversy, however, remains far from over. The latest ruling was sandwiched between Monday's decision not to review arguments against Obama's candidacy in the Donofrio v. Wells case from New Jersey and a conference that is scheduled by the justices this Friday on another case raising virtually the same concerns. (more info at linked article)

update of: Obama Case #2 - SCOTUS 12-12-08 'Conference'
fyi: The Wrotnowski case is set for SCOTUS 'conference' tomorrow 12-12-08. A decision may or may not be returned sometime tomorrow. If not, that decision will most likely come Monday 12-15-08, which just so happens to be the date of the Electoral College. Reportedly all members of the Electoral College have been served formal notices as to their Constitutional duties (see video above) by a California public interest legal group here who have pledged to take on the three high powered law firms hired by the Obama clan, and have vowed to go the distance with this issue. If the matter is ignored by the electors it looks to open the proverbial 'can of worms' with cascading legal actions.
Berg's request for stay of Electoral college is denied, his original SCOTUS case is still pending, awaiting notice of acceptance or refusal. No further info.
Day by day it looks more and more like that 'promised' Constitutional Crisis is taking shape. (Reality 2008: The coming North American Union, as part of the 'regional system' of world government, will have no use for the constitution.)
update 12/12:Obama SCOTUS Case #2: No Answer Until Monday 12-15-08, Electoral College Day

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