One World Religion: Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan and 'ONE Sabbath'

Merging the world's religions for one world government
"For successful global management, an efficient network of trained and motivated humanitarian workers that will function efficiently within the 'sustainable-community' based management system known as Agenda 21 is absolutely essential" [quote below].
The NWO builders have been hard at work to create this system and are now ready to begin the push to get it up and running. The system is designed to use members of the various world's religions essentially as the social works department for their one world government:

From: Global 'Purpose Driven' Delusion Officially Launched 5-26-08

The globalist agenda to direct and control all aspects of life on the planet is the true design behind the development of this ambitious world-wide 'social-works' network. For successful global management, an efficient network of trained and motivated humanitarian workers that will function efficiently within the 'sustainable-community' based management system known as agenda 21 is absolutely essential. Each individual community will need to be a smooth running part of the whole. To accomplish this, community leaders will need to be equipped, educated and trained, the poor will need assistance, and the sick cared for. (see post )

Exactly what is described above is now being taken to the next level by an organization called one.org, through a movement they call "ONE Sabbath":

"12-3-08 Today, leaders and activists from across the Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Hindu faiths joined ONE for a phone call announcing some news on ONE Sabbath, which is ONE’s multi-faith effort to engage congregations on global poverty and disease issues."

"Each leader had some thoughtful insights on why America’s faith community will play a key role in responding to global poverty in the months and years ahead, and how ONE Sabbath can help...."
This "ONE Sabbath" multi-faith effort fits perfectly into the Purpose Driver Rick Warren's so called P.E.A.C.E. plan, formally introduced a little more than six months ago with these stated goals:

(quote) "The PEACE Coalition...a new international alliance of churches, businesses, ministries, universities, and other institutions. The coalition will cooperate in a global mission strategy called the P.E.A.C.E. Plan, which is a massive, long range effort to mobilize one billion Christians in local churches around the world...P.E.A.C.E. is an acronym for Promote reconciliation; Equip servant leaders; Assist the poor; Care for the sick; and Educate the next generation." see: Global 'Purpose Driven' Delusion Officially Launched
Here is the fancy new promotional video for this interfaith "global mission strategy" from the ONE.org site. As seen, 'Purpose-driven' and 'ONE' have merged, and are preparing to forward the agenda. Purpose Driven religionist Warren, a Lutheran priest, a Muslim, and two Jewish rabbis sound the call for 'oneness':

The scope of this interfaith agenda is absolutely huge and it is interconnected worldwide. It is an integral part of the overall global management scheme and for that reason it must be made to work. It should be understood that there is no alternative. It will come where you are in "the months and years ahead". Be informed.
Warren's plan to mobilize "one billion Christians", as noted above, is to include universities. Apparently the time for that has come and the training and mobilizing of college students is to begin very soon. Recruits are now being selected for leadership positions from 100 of the nation's top colleges:
Announcing the OCC Power 100! (ONE Sabbath site 12-3-08): "We’re officially announcing the top schools invited to attend the ONE Campus Challenge Power 100 Summit this February in Washington, D.C. See if your school made the list."

"Campus Leaders from the 100 top schools will get transportation and most expenses paid for three days in our nation’s capitol. They’ll hear from top members of the global poverty movement, influential members of the Democratic and Republican parties, and ONE staff. And new this year, we’ll be visiting Congressional offices for a full day of hands-on advocacy training."
Merging religions? Putting aside differences and joining hands to build a better world is the sales pitch, but the reality is that this is the forming of the biblically predicted one world religion. This is not something good. The Word of God shows a united but thoroughly corrupted one world religion (here) giving worship to the Antichrist and that it will happen in the days when a one world government comes together. This very picture is coming into sharp focus. It should be understood that the 'ONE' people are coming for you too*...to 'unite the whole world as one'. one world
Important note: This coming Antichrist will be a Jew, according to the Word of God. Jewish customs e.g. the Sabbath, will need to be instituted worldwide to prepare the way for his global acceptance. With that in mind, it will be well worth the time to go and have a look here: onesabbath (must see)
Be not deceived.

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