NY School Protesters Stomp 'Establishment' And Walk Away Scot Free

follow up on 'Homelanders' Being Trained For 'Civil Unrest'? 12-19-08: "About 75 students barricaded themselves in a dining hall at the New School on Wednesday night, holding what they called an occupation to protest the leadership of the institution’s embattled president, Bob Kerrey."
School Protesters Claim Victory, Get Amnesty December 19, 2008
"At the beginning of the protest, students had said they would not leave the cafeteria unless Mr. Kerrey and other administrators resigned. But as the occupation grew in size and stretched into a second day, a new consensus seemed to emerge, with some students saying it was it unlikely that Mr. Kerrey would agree to such stipulations and instead advocating goals that they said had a better chance of success."
"The New School Free Press, said in a phone call that the students decided to leave after the university’s embattled president, Bob Kerrey, agreed to four demands: amnesty for students participating in the demonstration; student participation in selecting a new provost; creation of a committee on socially responsible investment, with student representation; and the replacement in other New School buildings of space that will be lost because of the demolition of 65 Fifth Avenue, including a library and a 7,000 square foot reading room."
"According to Mr. Dugan, student mediators announced around 2:30 a.m. that Mr. Kerrey had agreed to the four terms. Those inside the cafeteria held a lengthy discussion before voting to leave, he said, emerging onto side streets whooping in jubilation."
re: "whooping in jubilation"
Message from first formal 'civil unrest' demonstration in New York?: Civil unrest is fast, painless, and victorious. Students/protesters controlled the action start to finish and the 'establishment' bowed to their superior power. Not only that, but after you get what you want you can be granted amnesty too. Nothing to it. After that...it's parrrrty time....see: 'Homelanders' Being Trained For 'Civil Unrest'? for full story.
More to come, watch and see. fyi

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