Implantable Chips And SEGA?

Interested In Microchip Implants For Gaming? SEGA's Yu Suzuki Is...

Venerated SEGA developer Yu Suzuki (Hang-On, Virtua Cop) changed the way people played. His titles have been revolutionary regarding how players interact with arcade games and arcade game cabinets. But Suzuki thinks there's more than can be done. Like?

Like arcade game players getting chipped — as in getting some sort of motion controlled implant. While interviewing Suzuki for Arcade Mania, he told us about his interest in new ways of interacting with games:

In Medicine, you have artificial heart devices, or people that have some sort of chips in their bodies, to be able to keep track of vital signs. So, it doesn't have to be a scary thing, but you could put a sensor here (points to his arm). You know, a bit like in The Matrix.
re: "...it doesn't have to be a scary thing"

This post is a 'chip' related follow up to VeriChip Expanding, Teams With Microsoft 11-19-08: "Having removed the 'chip' from the name of the "Verimed health Link" globally compatible system, the VeriChip corporation, now teamed up with free "Microsoft HealthVault" accounts, is attempting to push the 'human-implantable chip' acceptance barriers back just a little further on the path to 666 Resignation Way." (see comments)
Microsoft has teamed with the VeriChip corporation so as to get some 'inside' information on their patients, and now SEGA is floating the idea of chip-implanting video game aficionados as the next advancement in gaming. "It doesn't have to be a scary thing", says Yu Suzuki, as SEGA, targeting the youth, joins Microsoft and VeriChip in the ongoing attempt to "push the 'human implantable' chip acceptance barriers back just a little further."

Chipping humans? No, not scary at all according to the SEGA man...it's all fun and games. see: the 'mark'

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