Qantas-British Airways Merge: First 'Truly' Global Airline

BA in talks with Qantas to create 'global airline'

British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh signalled the creation of a "truly global" airline yesterday as the carrier announced £3.5bn merger talks with Australian rival Qantas.
BA is already in talks to combine its services with American Airlines and Spain's Iberia but it took shareholders unawares yesterday with the bold announcement that it had also turned its attention to the Asia-Pacific market as industry consolidation gathers pace.
"It is an exciting step towards a truly global airline," said Walsh. Consolidation in the airline industry has been confined to intracontinental deals so far, with Air France joining Dutch competitor KLM and Delta Airlines merging with Northwest in the US.
Analysts said a BA and Qantas merger could transform the industry. "If someone can find a way to structure a cross-border airline we can move towards a properly consolidated industry.
BA and American Airlines are applying for regulatory clearance to collude over fares and schedules in the lucrative Transatlantic market.
re: Transform the industry
This post is an update of Qantas CEO: Global Airlines 7-25-08
"Stating what he calls as 'a new world order', Mr Dixon said, "Over time, consolidation will transform aviation. It will produce a few, very large and extremely efficient global airlines..."
The very recent Delta-Northwest Merge (10-29-08 see comments) creating the world's largest airline is what the above article identifies as an 'intra'-continental merger. Surpassing that though, the (Australian) Qantas-British Airways merger announced yesterday represents the next step in absolute NWO control of the entire aviation industry as it will be a first ever 'inter'-continental merge. A "cross-border" airline that will be ''truly global", to quote the above article.
Note too that British Airways is also negotiating with American Airlines and Spain's Iberia to "combine services". While that may come short of technically being called a merger, effectively it accomplishes much the same thing. This inter-continental 'service combination' would be 'tri'-national.
Point to ponder: 'Intercontinental industry' and an 'intercontinental economy' go hand in glove. 666
Very few people are aware that these things are happening, or if they are, stop to consider what the implications of such "global airlines" will be. The facts are that the NWO agenda will restrict all unauthorized travel. Do the research on "sustainable development"/Agenda 21 and you will discover this to be true. People are to be restricted, worldwide, to their "self-contained communities" (to save the environment of course). Authoritarian population management to rule the planet is deemed necessary by the would-be global overlords.
"Consolidating" and "transforming" the airline industry at unprecedented levels as here is providing the mechanism to establish that control. Be informed.
read about: The Blessed Hope - Titus 2:13
"Thus he said, The fourth beast.....shall devour the whole earth.." Daniel 7:23

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