Canadian Update #2 - Harper: Suspend Parliament

Canada PM Harper to address nation on crisis reuters

OTTAWA, Dec 3 (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will address the nation on Wednesday night as speculation heightens that he will ask for a temporary suspension of Parliament to try to prevent the opposition from taking power.

Harper, whose Conservatives were reelected with a minority government on Oct. 14, is expected to say that a plan by the three opposition parties to bring down the government and install a coalition government is illegitimate.

To do so they would first have to defeat the government in a confidence vote in Parliament scheduled for next Monday evening. That would be prevented for now if Parliament is suspended.

re: suspending the Canadian government
In order to protect the country from the "opposition parties" who intend to "bring down the government", prime Minister Stephen Harper will propose suspending the Canadian Parliament "temporarily" to prevent any such 'chaos' from occurring. Ordo ab chao. Either way, whether the opposition takes Harper down, or Harper is successful in having the Parliament suspended, it appears that the Canadian government is headed into a serious "crisis".

Here is an interesting perspective in this regard in this quoted comment from: Merging Canada Into The NAU 11-28-08:

"The Canadian government, the American government, and the Mexican government are to be merged into the North American Union. This fact necessitates, very simply, the eventual 'collapse' of all three governments."
Here is another interesting thought along the same line. There is a lot of talk about the Obama citizenship scandal developing into a "constitutional crisis" (here) in this country. That remains to be seen, and at this point it is too early to tell...but if it were to do so, it would certainly dovetail nicely with the developing Canadian 'chaos' as a means to establish the (ordo ab chao) 'new order'. Despite the many dramatic subplots, the North American Union is the only thing on the globalist agenda. Much more to come
One world government. It's already functioning, but only now being revealed. see: The Global Script

see also: Update #1: Canadian Government Collapse On Track (follow links, connect dots)
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