Obama, Berg Update: No Response, Berg Files New Motion

Berg to File Emergency Injunction Today, Awaits Answer from Barack Obama and DNC :america's right

One day after the deadline set by Supreme Court Justice David Souter for Barack Obama and the DNC to respond to attorney Philip Berg's Petition for Writ of Certiorari has passed without an answer, Berg is filing a motion in the Court in an attempt to further prevent Obama from taking office in January as the 44th president of the United States.
From what I could gather, the emergency motion for immediate injunction contains two main parts -- in filing the motion, Berg is looking for the Court (1) to prohibit the certification of electors by the governors of each individual state in order to stay the Electoral College from casting votes for Obama on December 15, and (2) to stay the official counting of any votes for Obama by Vice President Dick Cheney, the House of Representatives and United States Senate on January 8, 2009, pending any decision on his appeal.
"As I've [Berg] said over and over and over again, we're headed toward a constitutional crisis, and it is absolutely imperative that we find out now, before he is sworn in, whether Obama is qualified under the United States Constitution to be president,"
The motion comes one day after Obama and the DNC were directed to respond to Berg's Petition for Writ of Certiorari (the parties, however, are allowed two more days for mail service).
Berg said that it is "apparent that we have made some concrete breakthroughs in terms of taking our message and our arguments to the American people," and indeed his challenge of Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility, started with a simple complaint on August 21, 2008, has taken on a mind of its own. (read full, link above)
Berg: "We're headed toward a constitutional crisis"

Berg SCOTUS lawsuit response dealine of 12-1-08 ignored, apparently, by the DNC and the Obama clan. No surprise there. Berg has responded in turn by filing an "emergency motion for immediate injunction", as described above. The next move belongs to the Supreme Court. fyi

Constitutional crisis? Cui bono? see: Obama Lawsuits Piling Up; Constitutional Crisis?

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