Electoral College Also Refuses To Question Obama

follow up on Obama SCOTUS Case #2: Refused 12-15-08
Electoral College makes Obama's win official
As the results prove, the Electoral College had their chance and they too completely ignored all unanswered questions of the Constitutional eligibility or ineligibility of the president-elect.
But the headline on the posted article above is not quite accurate...because it’s not officially over just yet.
The Electoral College results will now be delivered to the president of the Senate, which is the Vice President (Cheney), and a federal judge in Massachusetts. *January 8 is the next critical day. That’s when Congress will meet to add up all the Electoral College votes. fyi

*U. S. Electoral CollegePublic Law 110-430 changed the date of the electoral vote in Congress in 2009 from January 6 to January 8. This date change is effective only for the 2008 presidential election.
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