WHO Says 'Unexplainable' Haiti Cholera Will Spread Throughout Caribbean

Follow up on: 'Mystery' Cholera Keeping Haiti In Chaos 11-18-10 "Public health officials insist that it is difficult to determine with certainty how the bacteria was introduced into Haiti, which has not had any cases of cholera in a century...Suspicions that the UN troops introduced the deadly disease into Haiti have inflamed underlying resentments..." [see post]
Haiti cholera could overrun Caribbean
The UN says the cholera outbreak, first seen on October 19 in the lower Artibonite region, north of the capital, Port-au-Prince, is threatening hundreds of thousands more in the country.
The World Health Organization has also warned that the deadly illness will inevitably spread to other countries in the Caribbean.
Three cases, which have been found in the neighboring Dominican Republic, are individuals, who have never been to Haiti, while two appearing in the US state of Florida, are among people who have traveled from the island country.
File this one in the 'sounds-like-eugenics' file

The NWO's WHO is now stating as "inevitable" the likelihood that the mystery cholera that appeared out of nowhere one month ago in Haiti, and is now threatening hundreds of thousands, will also mysteriously spread throughout the Caribbean.
Something is definitely wrong with this picture.
Eyewitness report from Haiti: Living fear the dead in cholera-scarred Haiti
Frightened by a disease never before known in this nation, Haitians are running scared. Residents are stoning the dead and their handlers, local mayors are refusing their burial, and families are abandoning bodies on the streets...Others have taken to the streets in protests against U.N. peacekeepers because they believe the outbreak may have originated in a U.N. camp.
The disease carries a stigma. ``Everyone is afraid of cholera,'' Clotaire said. ...And that creates big problems for those charged with collecting and laying to rest victims.
``Once we collect the bodies, we have no way to dispose of them,'' said Rochefort Saint-Louis, 30, after three days on the job. He is supervisor of two body collection teams the Haitian Ministry of Health recently formed in the wake of the outbreak...The young men on these teams will come face-to-face with an epidemic that has Haitians and the world counting: 1,186 dead from cholera, 19,646 hospitalized, and at least two confirmed cases outside of Haiti -- one in the neighboring Dominican Republic and the other in South Florida. [see full article at link]
Isaiah 45:22 'Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else' [thus saith the LORD]

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