Corona A Psyop Proven By Hidden Message In Name COVID: Certificate Of Vaccination ID ...Medical Authoritarianism

Medical authoritarianism. Starts with forced testing, which then leads to "contact tracing", meaning more forced testing, which involves home invasion should there be resistance. Any forced medical procedure, done against the will of a person, is medical authoritarianism. It is 'The State' declaring control of your person. 'Have to do this because it's a deadly disease and we can't have people infecting others ...now can we'. So-called virus-testing, vaccination, and so-called 'antibody testing', are medical procedures. Done against the will, it is medical authoritarianism.

Now, also, considering the fact that a "vaccination" for a non-existent made-up 'virus' cannot of course be a real thing*, nor can there be any "antibodies" as the result of recovering from a fictional virus, the true motive for forcing such measures can only be medical authoritarianism.

*Note: any 'vaccine' would most likely have to be some type of redone 'flu' vaccine.

Immunity passports, vaccination cards, etc. all these concepts have been introduced by this latest-greatest fake-pandemic corona-covid, and may actually be pushed all the way to being mandated. But the thing to understand is that these things are not the entire agenda, they are just the beginning of the far greater agenda. Forcing medical procedures like forced virus-testing is just the opening of the door. Once that precedent for forced medical procedures is established, as is now being done, it is by design intended to lead to complete control of all 'medical decisions' for all individuals. This clearly is the plan. Forced testing leading to forced vaccine. One vaccine leads to all vaccines - then yearly. Soon it becomes 'total care', from forced psych-evals, to who gets what medical procedure based on 'value to society', etc. all the way to ultimately euthanasia.

Medical authoritarianism - it is a key component of the overall Zio-global agenda -- they make every medical decision for every person birth to death - because they own every 'person'. Like a herd of cattle - this is the satanically-deluded mindset of the would-be overlords of the planet earth.

Note: A global ID system is of course imperative to planetary control. Vaccine cards and so-called immunity passports - these sort of things, obviously could be very effective as a means of achieving that goal. Note on this - much speculation and hype going around on this topic about this fake corona-pandemic being used as an opportunity to inject a vaccine with a "nano-chip" that would be a 'digital ID' inside the body -- and that this would be the "mark of the beast" yada yada...

For those unaware - the idea of an injected nano-chip as a global ID system is very real and the agenda to do just that is known, and some of the largest organizations in the world - Microsoft for one - are behind it. It is called ID2020 - link.

So then - is there coming a forced 'fake-corona' vaccine? They sure are pushing the concept - which is all that can be said at this point.

so, will it have a nano-chip? Does not seem likely at this time, but just have to wait and watch since there is nothing right now.

And if a vaccine did come out and had a chip, would that mean it's 'the mark of the beast' (as many are now saying)? The answer to that is that the 'mark of the beast' cannot precede the appearance of 'the beast' on the world stage. The beast - i.e. the biblical Antichrist - will need to have been on the world scene, in power, for some time before his 'mark' will be implemented. This has not yet happened. The time for the biblical Antichrist to appear is still not yet [see: 10 kings shall arise], so - no mark of the beast yet.

Furthermore - the 'mark of the beast' will involve much more than just a chip - see: 666

At any rate - among a number of other items on the Zio-global agenda [link] - clearly the fake 'Covid' pandemic is also being used to implement the beginning of a national and international ID system.


This post a follow up on: Coronavirus Fake Germie Thing Ultra-Magnified Reveals The Reality - Corona A Massive Hoax ... 'Cattle' Plan 3-15-20  "Ultimately Operation Corona is about taking personal autonomy from the individual. Precedents of all types are being set. Things never before seen. Martial law, quarantines, travel controls, medical authoritarianism - including pushing the vax-agenda to new heights, communitarian objectives, and more, across the entire globe (using the new laws passed during Swine '09, Zika hoaxes - link). Without question the greatest largest most fantastic problem-reaction-solution ordo-ab-chao exercise ever conducted ... Making the people cattle, and treating them as such - like a herd. Zio-Goy-agenda [see: minions] is the absolute bottom line of what is going on here.
Rev. 18:4
Psalms 37:16 'A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked'

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