Hurricane Dorian: Was The 'Storm Surge' Actually A Tsunami Bomb? - Bahamas Now Ready For NWO Takeover [vid]



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So-called hurricane Dorian a highly anomalous entity - this is undeniable. Nothing about it makes sense. A routine storm made into a cgi tv-only 'virtual storm'** without question would explain everything about what the world has been witnessing now for the past week or so.

Including the Bahamas now being ready for an nwo Agenda21 rebuild - which is how they always do it the new order can only rise from the destruction of the old - they call that the phoenix rising from the ashes...

Haiti, Fukushima, Tacloban, Nepal...etc, etc.

Note: A few years back nobody had ever heard of 'storm surge' - they invented it, and introduced the world to the idea of it, with so-called 'Superstorm' Sandy in 2012 with it's "unprecedented" 14' wave that flooded NY. That was pretty much the first time a mini-tsunami was ever seen with a supposed hurricane. Before that - never heard of.*

Highly anomalous 'Superstorm Sandy' was a "post-tropical" storm when it came ashore [see: NASA: "Sandy caused by the 'Sandy Hook'"].

Fast forward from then to now, "storm surge" is now repeated endlessly by the msm Bureau of Propaganda ...to the point where it has actually become a mantra. Which is a psychological-conditioning technique designed to enable continual repetition of the method, unquestioned.

Hurricanes do not make tsunamis. Tsunami-bombs do make tsunamis though.

**Related [should see] video: Hurricane 'Dorian': MSM CGI Virtual Storms [Exist Only On TV], A21 Geoengineered Destruction [e.g. 'Lane' 8-'18]

see also: History: 'Unexplainable' April Fools Day 1946 Pacific-Wide Tsunami Man Made? Tsunami Bomb[s]?

Rev. 18:4


*Follow up 9-9-'19: 'Storm Surge' Unheard Of Before 2012 'Super-Storm' Sandy - Blamed On "Climate Change" Now - Can Only Be Man-Made; Dorian  [no such thing as a "storm surge" - storm surge unheard of before 'Super Storm Sandy' 2012]
The day is coming when it will be said of the 'NWO': Jeremiah 52:42 'The sea is come up upon Babylon: she is covered with the multitude of the waves thereof'

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