Big Brother says "Get Your #@!% Vaccine"

The 'mystery brew for the mystery flu' injection hard sell is beginning. They promised it would come, and it has. Back again here is NBC's chief medical editor Snyderman, picking up right where she left off (see 5-25-09 video here: here). This time the tone is markedly stronger: Obey us, trust us..or in not so many words...SUBMIT TO US...WE ARE YOUR MASTERS

A few choice quotes:
Snyderman: "when Kathleen Sebelius talks, when Tony Fauci [National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases] talks...you have to listen"
If you want to play Russian roulette you have to make that decision
News panelist asks why the urgency of the message...telling us to "get off our a-- ...uh, get off our 'derrieres' and get this vaccination."
5 min mark. Snyderman: "this is one time...forget the conspiracy here, listen to your government agencies, these guys are telling the truth...you know... there's no conspiracy here folks...just get your #@!% vaccine" (as the peanut gallery cheers her on)

*Note also the sly propaganda with the changing subliminal messages on the 'interactive'desktop.

This thing may be getting very real..real soon. Up to and until then the NWO indoctrination campaign will be unrelenting. Be alert. compare: Massachusetts Senate Passes Draconian Bill 2028: Jail And Fines For Vaccine Refusers 8-24-09
Exodus 23:24 'Thou shalt not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do after their works'

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