River To River Antichrist Spirit - Jewish Flag Reveals Zionist Agenda Hidden-In-Plain-Sight.. 'Greater Israel' 6-Point Star

On the Jewish flag. The Jewish/Israeli flag of today was not a thing of antiquity but was a product of the '1st Zionist Congress', which was held in 1897. This event apparently was the beginning of the outward political movement which would eventually establish the so-called modern state of Israel some 50 years later in 1948. The movement was born and the flag was born with it. From the beginning the flag was known as the Zionist flag. In 1948 this Zionist flag was officially adopted as the national flag of the newly reformed state of Israel. This brings up an interesting subject: Flags of nations always have significance to their design, and the design of the Jewish Zionist flag is no diferent:

The Zionist flag reveals the Zionist agenda. Hidden in plain sight - on a couple of levels. First level: The two blue stripes signifying the "promised land", referring to the biblical "promised land" of the Genesis 15 "Abrahamic Covenant", which is from river to river:

Genesis 15:18 'In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates'

From the River Euphrates to the Nile River in Egypt. The Jews have never possessed all the land, and they absolutely want it. They are saying exactly this with their flag. There is no question about it, that is their agenda. As can be seen in the map below showing the area of the "promised land" the Euphrates river cuts right down the middle of Syria and Iraq. On the other side the Nile river cuts through a large section of Egypt. The area also includes what is today Jordan and Lebanon, part of Saudi Arabia, and part of Kuwait. Israel of today is shown by the dotted yellow lines:

(Theodor Herzl is considered the 'father of modern political Zionism'- link [prophecy])

All of this area from the Nile to the Euphrates is what the Jews refer to as 'Greater Israel'. The term is fairly well known but probably only understood by relatively few. Make no mistake though, the complete goal of Zionism is nothing less than total domination of the entire earth, where they should rule as lords over the 'lesser species' of 'lower humanity', but, 'Greater Israel', or, the "Promised Land", would then be set aside as distinctly Jewish. Meaning most probably 'jewish only' [see 4th link bottom of post*].

Now the next level: About the 'star' in the center, the dominating feature of the Zionist flag. It is beyond question that the symbol comes from the world of occultic magic. Jews themselves will not dispute this. The exoteric meanings for the symbol are many and easily researched. Jews themselves attribute all sorts of kabbalistic significance to the 6-point star which fact is also easily researched by any so inclined, so for these reasons no need to get into all that here. No doubt though to the Jews there is also an esoteric meaning for the symbol which is not so readily made known. Which clearly would have to be related to achieving the Zionist agenda. No other reason to have it on the flag. How exactly the Zionist might define what the 'special meaning' is really does not matter though. Bottom line, even exoterically, the symbol is as Satanic a symbol as there is. An abundance of evidence exists to back that statement up.

The meaning for the six-pointed Jewish star then can only have one real meaning. That meaning has to be that the star represents 'the sprit' of the Zionist movement, or, the actual 'spirit' by which they intend to achieve their Zionist goal. And that 'spirit' can be unmistakably identified. The Word of God states plainly:

'And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world' 1 John 4:3

This scripture applies to the Jewish Zionist movement. They vehemently reject Jesus Christ. The movement then, as the scripture states, "is not of God", which means it can only be of the 'spirit of antichrist'. The six-pointed star on the Zionist flag, used to symbolize the movement, can only then represent that spirit, or, 'the Antichrist' himself.

Two rivers with a star in the middle. Very simple design, very deep profound esoteric meaning. Hidden in plain sight. Reigning over the earth from the capital city Jerusalem, they would call this kingdom 'Zion', meaning 'city of god', but the Word of God says that it "spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt" [Rev. 11:8]. For the record that signifies perversion and corruption, respectively. The flag corroborates that.

Rev. 18:4

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natalia frolova said...

Slavs are an incredibly stubborn people (I know cos I have their blood coursing through my stubborn veins). So at least I can be reasonably sure that the last thing Russians would think is that if they stab one of their own in the back that the West will then accept them.

I mean, the biggest trope of Russian art since the 1800s has been that a Russian removed from his homeland (no matter the circumstances) is overcome by existential longing.

I absolutely agree with everything you wrote.Grossman of the Migdal Or organization in Israel, published a few weeks before the Russian attack on Ukraine:
When I was a child and stood next to my father in the synagogue… a certain person had the honor of sitting next to my father. I don’t remember who it was, but he told my father a story, and it stuck in my head for all the years.

He said that he once visited the Rabbi of Stolin, Rabbi Yisrael Perlov (1868-1921), who said to those present:

“Do you know what will happen before the arrival of Moshiach? Two roosters will fight each other, and the third rooster will come and strike both. But the Jewish people, thanks to their faith in the Most High, the God of Israel, will survive.”

People asked him what he was talking about, who were those roosters? Listen to what he said: “The two roosters are America and Russia. The third rooster is China.

It seems to me that the comments made by the Rebbe of Stolin a hundred years ago are connected with the following verse of the prophet Yeshayahu (27:1): , the serpent that coils, and will kill the monster that is in the sea.”

natalia frolova said...

Hymn: "The strife is o'er, the battle done," Francis Pott (1861)

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Thank you for the affirmation of Paul's wonderful ministry! God bless you Linor!

too felt called to pray the Liturgy of the Hours...and there you were in my podcasts. Grateful. So grateful.

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tom m. said...

Natalia.. in response to your first comment just to clarify a point about the "three roosters" - very important to be clear on it (some may not be) - which is that all three of them, America, Russia, China, are Israel controlled. Not the people of the countries of course, but the governments. All being used for the Israel fake Gog-Magog plan to acquire global domination. The rabbi who wrote the article linked on your comment is actually promoting the false narrative of the fake-staged Gog-Magog (proving that is exactly the plan).

What is strange is that the article is on that particular site without any type of disclaimer on this point - i.e. that G-M will be a Jewish-fake. This worth noting to any that read it.


natalia frolova said...

didn't know ---see call me jorge ---agains berglio

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