Up To 17-Times More "Storm Surges" The 'New Normal' Says New Published Study; Or Agenda 21 Geoengineered?

Researchers predict growing number of Hurricane Sandy-like storm surges

In the wake of historic destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, residents of New York and other coastal cities were left wondering whether Sandy-scale storm floods are the new normal.

Now, researchers from Princeton and Rutgers universities and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have developed a computer simulation that estimates that storm-related flooding on the New York City coastline similar in scale to those seen during Sandy are likely to become more common in coming decades. The worst-case scenario has the frequency increasing by 17 times by the year 2100, according to predictions scheduled for publication on Oct. 10 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Hurricane Sandy was the second costliest hurricane in U.S. history...As the storm moved inland, it pushed a wall of water in front of it, causing the East River to overflow its banks and pour into Lower Manhattan, inundating streets, buildings and subway tunnels.

Beyond this particular prediction, the new model provides an important new tool that can predict, more accurately than previously possible, the kinds of storm floods that will threaten coastal cities over the next century.

When they also incorporated predicted changes in storm climatology, the model estimated that Sandy-like surge floods would become at least 3 times to as much as 17 times more common. "What this tells us is that large surge floods are likely to increase in frequency, but that there is a large amount of uncertainty about the extent of the increase," Lin said.

The above is a follow up on: Why 'Hurricane Matthew' Unprecedented "Storm Surge" Hype? Man-Made Storm Surges For Agenda 21 Goals? 10-7-16 "Storm surge - storm surge - storm surge - everywhere you turn it's "storm surge". No escaping it. To the point of being a chant. Without question storm-surge hype has been taken to a whole new level this week with the massively hyped mysterious-acting "Hurricane Matthew". As evidenced by the posted article below and video [see post], the hype has now even become a national educational campaign -- How is it that until only relatively recently no one had ever heard of a "storm surge". Hurricanes had come and gone over the past decades but never was there any mention of any thing called a storm surge...or the tsunami-like after effects. But now suddenly 'storm surges' up to 20 feet should be considered as normally occurring with a hurricane - the people of planet earth are told -- Never mind that this sort of thing never happened before though - they are going to be happening all the time from now on....and this everybody must understand -- Can a hurricane really displace water? Wind blowing across the surface of the ocean can certainly create large surf, but large surf, even very large surf, does not displace water -- Naturally occurring shelf movement caused by a real earthquake is about the only way this type of displacement could happen, except for, the known tsunami-bomb method used for man-made tsunamis [link] -- Cui bono? Most interesting thing about all this is that inundated coastlines, it just so happens, are very Agenda 21 helpful. So-called 'Superstorm' Sandy, now being used endlessly as 'the example' to push the new storm-surge citizen-training program, proved this to be exactly the case. The below post dated 6-9-13 [see post @ link] documented the very clear Agenda 21 gains facilitated after-the-fact by the absolutely unprecedented anomalous behaviour and out-of-nowhere storm surge - pretty much a first-of-it's kind - of the anomaly called 'SuperStormSandy' -- The 'storm surge' is now a normal expected thing - the public is now instructed. Coastal areas wiped out? Don't think twice storm surge storm surge ... This is the new-normal in Agenda21-takeover land globalettes. That is what you are to believe at least..." [see full post, videos (one from Haiyan -Philippines)]

Don't worry about hurricanes - all you need to know is that storm surges are real - so when the hurricane
misses but your coastal community is washed away by a 20-foot wall of water - it was a "storm surge"
What must be understood here is that 'coastal communities' and Agenda 21 are an oxymoron. In other words, more specific, 'coastal communities' are not "sustainable" for the future of planet earth. In the ultra-micro-managed future envisioned by the would-be planet taking-over Agenda-21-ites, 'humans' are to live in designated 'human habitat' areas only, aka "sustainable cities" [See A21 Wildlands Map: here (re: fires); here (re: floods)]. These 'habitats', as it turns out, are not beachfront.

How to eradicate coastal communities to achieve 'UN Agenda For The 21st Century' aka Agenda21 global management i.e. zio-kingdom-come totalitarian global-control goals? - seems that that strategy is now as absolutely clear as can be. 17-times more clear than ever before actually.

Live on or near a coast anywhere on the planet...definitely definitely take note. 'Storm surge' on the way, say they. See the bottom image just above -- there it goes.

Rev. 18:4
Job 37:1,8,11 'Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said ...who shut up the sea with doors, when it brake forth, as if it had issued out of the womb? ...And said, Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed?'


Anonymous said...

I live on the east coast of Florida. Many of my friends' homes sustained serious water damage due to the storm surge not only from the Atlantic Ocean but also from the intracoastal waterway. Apparently, the prez has not yet signed off on FEMA for those citizens and businesses that were affected and there is word he may not. Is this because Florida is a republican state??? It appears the state may have to handle this moving forward. Also, from what I am hearing from some who have been affected, those with flood insurance are only being covered for the damage to their drywall and AC unit, nothing else because their windows were not blown out by the hurricane that would be necessary in order to receive funds from the hurricane insurance coverage. What makes this situation even worse is the fact that many incurred not only water damage but also damage from sewage overflow. So their only recourse is flood insurance. This is not a good situation for those in need of answers, and no word yet from FEMA. So much for insurance coverage!

tom m. said...

to Anon - just above

Your 10-17 comment somehow went in the spam folder and was only now found [11-22] - not sure how that happened. Seemed to have went in by itself, which is to say that i never saw it. Just by chance i happened to look in there. There was one other from an anon from a few days back on the 'Gucci' post, maybe that was you also. Those were the only two. ??

If you see this a month+ later...