AMD Ryzen, Vega, Wraith - Message In The Names: Rise Of The 'Fallen Star', Man Becoming God - The 'Singularity'

"And the serpent said ...ye shall be as gods" - Genesis 3:4-5

Man who would be god. It is called the 'original lie'. Man believed it then, in the beginning - from the first hiss of the serpent - and they still believe it today. Perhaps more than ever today. So much so that they are convinced that the realization of the dream is now, through advancing modern technology, right at their very fingertips. This new 'Techno-Theology' has a name and well known high priests also. The name of it for those who've not heard of this before is "The Singularity". In brief, 'the singularity' is the supposed point when technology advances to the point that it actually becomes "self-aware". It begins to think for itself, create, etc., come alive basically. And as this happens, supposedly, is when man will then merge with the now 'alive' technology and himself achieve 'immortality'. This is the exact message the aforementioned high priests of 'the singularity' are preaching, now louder than ever. For example, in their own words, two very recent quotes from the two highest of the high-priests of 'the singularity', a man by the name of Peter Dimandis, and the man probably to be considered the 'father' of the singularity 'religion', none other than Google chief Ray Kurzweil:

The Brain Tech to Merge Humans and AI Is Already Being Developed 12-5-16 (Peter Dimandis:) "Well… though the idea might have started as science fiction, companies like Kernel are making it very real. And once they do, we’ll have robust brain-computer interfaces, and we’ll be able to fix and augment ourselves. Ultimately this will also allow us to merge with AIs and become something more than just human...This is so significant that it will change us as a species — we’re taking evolution into our own hands...Just like how we can wirelessly expand the power of our smartphones 10,000-fold in the cloud today, we'll be able to expand our neocortex in the cloud." -- A few weeks ago, I asked Bryan about Ray’s prediction about whether we’d be able to begin having our neocortex in the cloud by the 2030s. -- His response, “Oh, I think it will happen before that.”

We will have cracked secret of ETERNAL LIFE by 2029 says GOOGLE chief 3-20-17 "Google’s Director of Engineer Ray Kurzweil believes that we are little more than a decade away from taking major steps towards immortality...The tech specialist, who has long supported the notion of immortality, says that medical advancements and improved technology in the coming 12 years will see humans being given the option to live forever...By 2045, the 69-year old says, humans will be able to live forever...He continued: "The nonbiological intelligence created in that year will reach a level that’s a billion times more powerful than all human intelligence today." ...Another step will be connecting our brains to the internet or a cloud network, which will be as big of a step in evolution as when our ancestors developed the frontal cortex 2 million years ago, according to Mr Kurzweil.
Humans merging with self-aware technology. Ye shall be as gods. They are in hot pursuit. Which is what makes the below so very interesting. First note from above the terminology of the new singularity-religion. Phrases like "augment ourselves" and "nonbiological intelligence". Truly what is being expressed by the likes of Dimandis and Kurzweil is a quest for "the path to a new horizon", with "a new form of strength", and "a new determination" etc. ...to arrive at the point where man, by taking "evolution in his own hands" - becomes god. This clearly would be a "New Era".

Now, take all the above and compare with the below having to do with the hugely publicized AMD introduction earlier this month [3-'17] of their all-new Ryzen CPU lineup, and what will be found is a perfect match. The images are from AMD's very first press conference held 12-13-16 in Austin TX. AMD had promised technological breakthroughs, the project had gone on for years, and it was a much anticipated event. And here is where it gets very interesting because everything about the big 'Ryzen unveiling' that day was done in veiled language of 'the singularity' - as mentioned above:

Youtube link
"We are on a path to Zen" - was the official mission statement of AMD - announced on that very first public introduction 12-13-16 Austin TX.

The image top left is the beginning of the presentation. It is AMD CEO Lisa Su. The original name of the project had been 'Zen'. Part of the presentation was to reveal the name change to 'Ry-zen'. Of course the highly touted new technology was also to be revealed. This is a direct quote from the video [linked under image] describing the new tech:

CEO Lisa Su: [28:15] "Ryzen includes five new features that we call AMD SenseMI technologies [image not shown]. These technologies enable Ryzen to sense and adapt to it's environment...which makes it an extremely intelligent processor...capable of learning on the fly. Our first two SenseMI technologies are Nueral-Net prediction and Smart Prefetch. Now we didn't select this name SenseMI lightly...we have true machine intelligence with Ryzen. So with Nueral-Net prediction we are using the machine learning to self-train and pre-load the right instructions to enable the machine to run faster. And once we get those right instructions smart prefetch actually learns to anticipate the data the app needs and have it ready before it's actually needed..." [29:08]

Note the phraseology: "sense and adapt"; "extremely intelligent'; "true machine intelligence"; "capable of learning"; "actually learns". This is without question 'singularity-speak'. The exact language used by Dimandis and Kurzweil. Note now the phraseology in the images and put it all together. What is really being said is very evident:

'The singularity' - the point when man and technology merge and man then becomes superhuman...or 'rises' to being 'god' himself.

Zen is 'exist in the now'. To get there, man is now "on the path", or 'ry-zen'. Rising to godhood that is - the point when he will live forever in the 'zen', or 'eternal now', as it were. The New Era.

Note also the Ryzen logo is a circle of fire - a highly occultic symbol, signifying, among other things, eternity.

But that's not all. AMD is coming out with a new graphics card to go with the 'Ryzen' called 'Vega', introduced same the day:

YT link
Vega is the name of a star; according to wiki:

"Vega, also designated Alpha Lyrae (α Lyrae, abbreviated Alpha Lyr, α Lyr), is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra ... Vega has been extensively studied by astronomers, leading it to be termed “arguably the next most important star in the sky after the Sun.

α Lyrae (Latinised to Alpha Lyrae) is the star's Bayer designation. The traditional name Vega (earlier Wega[11]) comes from a loose transliteration of the Arabic word wāqi‘ meaning "falling" or "landing", via the phrase an-nasr al-wāqi‘, "the falling eagle""

Ryzen, and Vega - "the most important star in the sky after the Sun", together? Names not by chance says AMD.

Vega which means "falling" - the 'falling star' with the Latin name Alpha Lyrae or α Lyrae, abbreviated 'α Lyr'.

Luke 10:18 'And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven' [cf. John 8:44]

Not hard to discern a meaning here: The rising or Ryzen of the fallen star (who is 'a liar'), i.e. the enthroning of Lucifer, and, the 'ry-zen' of man to godhood.

(note: Vega the "2nd most important star" = seed of the serpent i.e. antichrist [Gen. 3:14-15]; 1st most important the sun = the serpent i.e. Satan)

The real singularity - not by technology, but by satanic possession*.

But wait again, that's still not the whole picture. Apparently the new Ryzen CPU's ship with a new AMD cpu-cooler. For the non tech-savvy that is simply a fan apparatus that mounts on the cpu itself. All computers have them, keeps the processor from overheating. How strange though the name of the AMD cooler that comes with Ryzen. They call it "Wraith":

YT link
wraith - "an apparition of a living person supposed to portend his or her death; A visible spirit" [dictionary.com]

The above 'Wraith' images are from a introduction promo, not from the Ryzen presentation. Note the phraseology. Singularity-speak again: "upgraded" and "augmented" as in human to superhuman, and what in the world does "supernatural" have to do with a cpu-cooler? For the record the next frame added 'style' to make it say 'supernatural-style' but regardless the overall is plain. As AMD CEO Su said, as quoted above, these names are not 'chosen lightly'. Certainly that must apply here as well.

A cpu-cooler, it might be said, would breathe on it, or, be the wind of, the system. As bible students know, both "breath" and "wind" are often used synonymously in the bible for the Spirit of God aka the Holy Ghost. The application is not hard to draw: The ghostly-spirit of the dead, 'The Wraith', as the 'breath' of the new Ry-zen system.

Man's path or 'rise' to 'Zen'...to be by the ghostly-spirit of death.

Brings to mind an interesting thought on the so-called "singularity". Just a thought though as none can be dogmatic on the subject as these things are not clearly revealed. Most have heard these things, the view of Genesis 6 as an account of fallen angels - the nephilim - having interbred with humans and producing offspring. As that goes, these fallen-angel offspring were the 'giants in those days' [Gen. 6:4]. Following that thought to it's conclusion, these 'giants' were destroyed in the flood of Noah [most - some lived through; Gen 6:4 "and after that"] - their bodies destroyed that is - their 'hybrid' spirits still lived.

These 'bodiless spirits' today many call 'demons' - the bible calls them devils - they want bodies. The NT [New Testament] reveals this. One place where this revelation is found is in the book of Luke. Briefly, there we find an account of a case where many devils shared one man - named 'Legion' [Luke 8:30]. This man one day had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ who addressed the devils and commanded them to come out of him. When the Lord Jesus cast them out we find that the devils wanted to go into a herd of swine rather than be sent bodiless again into the 'deep' - the abyss - Luke 8:30-32 [see: 26-33].

*Bodiless devils want bodies. Immortality through technology would then just be the con ...possession by 'wraith-devils' the real intent [see: 666].

Anyway, that's the conclusion followed out.

Ryzen, Vega, Wraith. The names tell the same story.

Heavy on the kabala-occult messaging with the new AMD. The world you live in [Eph. 6:12].

Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 26;14 'They are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, they shall not rise: therefore hast thou visited and destroyed them, and made all their memory to perish'


Anonymous said...


I just read this psyop piece today about AI before checking your blog to see if you'd written anything yet. The full scale rollout of tech-apocalypse is pretty obvious. And it is framed as "inevitable" yet "accidental" that a human culling is imminent.

Anonymous said...


Yes sir, the 'original lie.' Reminds me of a couple of quotes in a old book.

“It would be difficult to exaggerate the seriousness to humanity of this alliance between physical science and demonism. As the result, we have the machinery prepared, and already in full operation, for the most gigantic deception ever practiced upon the educated classes of society. By means of this new engine of deception millions upon millions may be lured into the comfortable belief that they may reject the Christ of God, and may yet be assured, upon the authority of “Science,” of a continued existence of blissfulness—“a supernal heavenly calm”—after death.” ~

“What is important for those who are in the world but not of it, is to grasp clearly the fact that, in respect of instruction or light upon spiritual matters, mankind owes absolutely nothing, and less than nothing, to that abstraction which is adored under the name of ”Science.” On the contrary, this abstraction is the cover for an enemy, and a formidable one, since is being used to blind mankind to the only true Light, and divert perishing sinners from the only Way of life.” ~ Philip Mauro , The Number of Man 1909 ~