UK Airport Begins No-Passport Facial Recognition Boarding - AKC Control Mechanism

British Airways introduces boarding without passports as it installs facial recognition at Heathrow

British Airways is introducing technology that will allow passengers to go through boarding gates at Heathrow using facial recognition.

Biometric devices in Terminal 5 will capture a traveller’s features along with the boarding pass, and then a facial scan at the gate verifies the person’s identity, allowing them to get on the plane without showing documents, BA said in a letter to staff.

The system is designed to speed up boarding and reduce errors, it said. Three gates are now using the equipment, with another 33 planned in the coming months.

Troy Warfield, director of customer experience at BA, said the new self-boarding gates and self-serve bag drop points were ways to invest in what customers "value most".

re: 'Biometric devices...will capture a traveller’s features'

3 up and running...'33' more in the coming months. '33 more'? Any more questions. It's what the people want say the would-be Biometric-overlords of AKC (antichrist-kingdom-come - link). This UK 'first' obviously can lead only to an eventual industry-wide global rollout, then once the system is in place no doubt tie in with the cashless agenda, also plug the individual's data into the IoT, probably pull up your 'Face'book profile, and W10 info, and then maybe you get on the plane...or maybe you don't.

Freedom of movement in the planned 'Planned-opolis'? - uhhh that is not part of the plan.

Step by step, in everything, the electronic 'cattle' fences are being erected. These are the days. Be aware, the masses will go blindly along.*

 Rev. 18:4
*Matthew 24:23 'Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not'

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