Trump Card Inauguration To Be 777-New-Order Ecumenical Prayer-Fest Of Apostate Christendom, Catholic, Mormon, Jewish To 'MAGA'

Reposted from 12-29-16 -- Ushering in of the 'new paradigm' of 777 kabala-rabbi-religionry now two days out. Destination Babylon. Religion-kontrol is zio-mission critical...and it's game on people. From here on out. This fact must be grasped. Know what you are seeing when you see it. Only way out is out. The other choice is to end up in this group - Rev. 13:4,8 - which is definitely not recommended. Apostate Christendom, Catholic religion, Mormonism all with tickets paid and seated on the bus already with team rabbi doing the driving. Do not be ushered onto that kabala-bus whosoever - Jer. 51:6:

This post is a follow up on: VP-Elect Pence Preaching Jonathan Cahn Man Harbinger-Message 2Chron. 7:14 "If My People" - Team Noahide 11-13-16 "Being still two months out from the actual White House takeover everything Trump and Pence at this point is still basically an unknown. However, indications of where the 'new order' might be headed can be found. The video below is definitely one of these indications. It is of now VP-elect Mike Pence doing a little preaching...the exact same message that Jewish rabbi Jonathan Harbinger Cahn-man has been preaching for the last few years: 2 Chron. 7:14 'If my people' [see post; video] -- The Harbinger-Cahn if-my-people 'IMP' movement [see post] is an ecumenical movement. Pence is preaching it. The leading apostate evangelicals from Franklin Graham on down are all 'trumpeting' the outcome of the election as essentially the Hand of God and with that are all ready to fall in line with the new administration. In other words, with the Cahn-agenda ... One thought on the overall though is this: The LGBT agenda is essentially already established, even to the point of being now rooted in apostate Christendom. And it's not going anywhere. That being true, it's looking like the next phase may be to now take the 'faith' sector of society to the next level of assimilation into the global zio-plan ... All of this leads to the issue of what is known as the judaizing of Christianity...But it is not only Christians, ultimately all religions, and in fact, all of society - is to be brought under Jewish control with rabbis as authorities..." [see post]
At Trump’s inauguration, Franklin Graham, Cardinal Dolan and four more clergy will pray

Six prominent clergy members — including a Catholic cardinal, black and Hispanic Protestant leaders and a rabbi — will pray at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The inaugural committee told The Post on Wednesday that Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Rev. Franklin Graham, Rabbi Marvin Hier, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Pastor Paula White will all give readings at the ceremony.

Trump chose more clergy than his predecessors, who since 1989 have picked just one or two people to pray at their inaugurations.

The music at Trump’s inauguration will also have a religious flavor: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, known for its patriotic music at several previous inaugurations and other national events, will sing in the ceremony.

777-Trump card Inauguration Day to be an unprecedented ecumenical display of the planned 777 'new-orderdom' for all the world to see. Zio religious-assimilation via the Cahn job method. Everybody forget your religious differences and...all together now..."Make America Great Again" ('MAGA'). As mentioned in the posted article previous inauguration ceremonies have had one or two 'prayer-partners' but never before has any incoming president featured an-all encompassing ecumenical gathering like what Trump-card's team has planned for 1-20-17: Apostate Christendom's Franklin Graham headlining, along with anti-scriptural-female [1 Tim. 2:12] self-declared 'pastoress' Paula White, as well some other TBN (Talmudic Broadcasting Network) wandering-stars [Jude 11-13], all no doubt to espouse the great meme of the new-era/error - the 'If My People' Cahn pitch to "Make America Great Again"...as stated in the 'follow up' post linked above. Joining this Laodicean contingency will be representatives of three other religious factions which no doubt will chime in on the same note. Representing the never-scriptural religion of Popery will be the well known 'Cardinal' Dolan, a Jewish rabbi representing the Jesus Christ-rejecting Talmudic-Kabbalistic religion [1John 2:22] - described in the Holy Bible as no longer the religion God gave by Moses but as the "Jews' religion" [Gal. 1:13-14], and last but of course not least but perfectly equal of course, the Choir of Mormonism to seal the Zio-ecumenical 777-Don/dawn of the new-order deal.

Be very interesting to see what role the Jewish rabbi will be given among these. Guess? Odds on that the rabbi is given the authoritative role. That is after all, the whole point - all religions i.e. society under...that's right...rabbinic control. That would be bible prophecy too. When that long planned goal is fully achieved it is how the false-christ the biblical Antichrist masquerading initially as the 'Jewish messiah' will in fact be ushered onto the world's stage [link - scroll down].

In any case, it is very evident that the "next phase" of Zionist world-dominating schemery [see 'follow up'] is in fact underway. Be aware of all of it. And partake not, as saith the scripture -
Rev. 18:4
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Luke 12:1 'In the mean time, when there were gathered together an innumerable multitude of people, insomuch that they trode one upon another, he began to say unto his disciples first of all, Beware ye of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy'


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Donald Trump Quotes Bane In Inauguration Speech


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No doubt about it hidden in plain sight big as day proof of giant hoax election...


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