Disney Airs First 'Gay' Cartoon - 'Star vs. Forces of Evil' Depicts Auditorium Full Of Kissing LGBT's

Disney Airs its First-Ever Gay Cartoon Kiss

A Disney XD show subtly displayed several gay kisses on an episode that aired yesterday.

The Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode featured a scene at a boy band concert, where several people, including gay and lesbian couples, kiss to the music.  [full article @ link]

Not just one 'gay' kiss but multiple - in fact an entire auditorium 'gone gay'. Images clipped from season two episode which aired 2-23-17 [note: '322'] of Disney cartoon called 'Star vs. the Forces of Evil ' - episode titled “Just Friends,”

The lyrics of Disney's cartoon boy-band song were "...our love is so pure...our love is so real"

...obviously intended as a subliminal sanction on the homosexual-lesbian activities then illustrated for the unwary teen and pre-teen viewers:

Compare: Fox Show 'The Mick' Agenda To Destroy: 2-14-17 Episode Naked Young-Teen Boys In Bathtub Waiting For 'Threesome' 'Zio-Hollywood out to absolutely destroy absolutely - the souls of it's victims [Exekiel 22:27]. Massively red alert...'

also: Pro Sports Gone Gay: NFL Promotes Homosexuality, Lesbianism At Pro Bowl 2017 With Jumbotron 'Kiss-Cam' 2-24-17

Rev. 18:4

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