'Caitlyn Hope Grimm': 1st Trans-Bathroom Case Going To SCOTUS 3/28/17 - 53 Companies Support; Name-Game

From Apple to Zendesk, tech sector supports transgender boy at Supreme Court

The tech sector is unifying again, this time in support of a transgender boy's [i.e. a girl] fight with a Virginia school district over which bathroom he [i.e. she] may enter.

The 53 companies—from Amazon to Zendesk—are asking the US Supreme Court to side with 17-year-old Gavin Grimm. Grimm and his legal team are fighting the Gloucester County School Board's decision to deny the boy use of the male restroom because it doesn't match Grimm's "biological gender." The 53 tech companies said transgender people have the right to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

In a friend-of-the-court brief to the high court, the companies note that they all have "nondiscrimination policies or practices that permit transgender individuals to use the company facilities consistent with their gender identity."

The issue is tentatively set for argument on March 28.

Related: " I recently wrote an article about a high school girl who considered herself transgender...The young lass, Caitlyn Hope Grimm, had decided, in her words, "I am a boy," and just last year had her name legally changed to the masculine "Gavin" Grimm." ... I spent the usual amount of time on the article, but then tried to find out the lady's birth name. ... I had no idea the length the media had gone to keep Caitlyn's birth name from the public. ... Finally, after giving up and finishing the article, I thought I'd blindly check additional court records for name changes in 2014. And there it was: Caitlyn Hope Grimm petitioned the court to have her legal name changed to "Gavin." source

Images from "friend-of-the-court brief" filed with SCOTUS by Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Amazon, IBM, Twitter, Yahoo et. al. to set nationwide gender-destroying bathroom-precedent. First page and last two pages - the last two being the list of the 53 would-be gender-destroying 'conspirators' - pdf link:

Trans-bathrooms going to SCOTUS March 28. 2017. As usual all that was needed was a test case to run through the courts and then have it sent up to SCOTUS for a nationwide precedent. The above is that case, now making it's way via lower court appeal to SCOTUS for a March 28, 2017 scheduled hearing. 53 companies pushing for the precedent that would effectively destroy all legal distinctions with regard to 'male' and 'female' nationwide. Is it a 'conspiracy'? How is it that the girl in question - that says she is boy, who changed her name to 'Gavin', who supposedly, as the script reads that is, was before that change named "Caitlyn'? And 'Hope Grimm' for the middle and last names? [see 'related' above]

Always the name-game. Another 'Caitlyn'...like the infamous poster-child Bruce - who went from he to franken-she? And now this second 'Caitlyn' doing the reverse - going from she to franken-he? Just a crazy-Caitlyn-coincidence? Not in this kabala-witchcraft make-believe world. The play on words with the middle and last names of Caitlyn2 settles the issue beyond any question. Hope-Grimm? How much clearer can a 'hidden-message' be than this?

Hope grim for humanity is the little message the seed-of-the serpent gang is clearly sending with this 'production' as their 666-scheme to destroy the human male-female distinction and minionize the masses [link] is now, to their mind that is, on the brink of success.

Be informed...
 Rev. 18:4
3-6-17 update: SCOTUS Now Opts-Out On First Trans-Bathroom Case - Fake 'Religious-Revival' Must Come First? - "That it will not at this time get SCOTUS-sanctioned can only be seen as a matter of timing. It likely may be the very real fact that 'SCOTUS-ing' the global-conspiracy trans-agenda at this point would greatly hinder the false 'spiritual revival' aspect of the zio-kingdom-come '777-Trump MAGA' [link] plan..."
The seed-of-the-serpent gang destroy gender to destroy humanity? The Word of God saith that is not quite how it is going to go:

Psalms 21:10-11 'Their fruit shalt thou destroy from the earth, and their seed from among the children of men. For they intended evil against thee: they imagined a mischievous device, which they are not able to perform'


Anonymous said...

Can these corporations expect the same backlash that Target and JC Penny (Ellen Degeneras advertising) received? Will professing Christians and those unsaved who reject this movement boycott these 50+ companies like they did with Target and JC Penney? It won't be long before there won't be any corporations who do not support this and other evil agendas (i.e., Disney). How will they take a stand? Then where will those who boycott this movement shop at or do business with? And...since most of these corporations are in technology, how many of these customers will put their electronic devices down in order to boycott these companies? I would guess no one! We can live without Target, Starbucks, JC Penny, etc., but NOT our electronic devices (how will we possibly keep in touch with our loved ones without these devices - sarcasm here). This is called hypocritical! Tom, thanks for the info - it appears the ZNWO is going full speed ahead. Hang on folks!

tom m. said...

Add to that federal, state, and local governments, the military, pro sport leagues, apostate religions, universities and schools, boy scouts, girl scouts, etc. etc. - we're in Babylon now

It won't be stopped - not until the book of Revelation is fulfilled.

In the meantime, until the shout and voice and trump [1Thes. 4:16-17], believers are called only to be, and to maintain, in the midst of it all, a calm and steadfast witness "unto me" said the Lord Jesus Christ - Acts 1:8

Alleluia...the Lord God omnipotent reigneth