New 9/11 Pentagon Photos Surface [3-31-17]? Old Photos 'Re-Surface' - Still No Plane; And 'Flight 77' A '322'

New never-before released 9/11 Pentagon photos for all the world to see the big news for the day [one link here but it's all over the www today 3-31-17] ...which, upon viewing, surprise surprise, conclusively prove...absolutely nothing. A single old picture reveals infinitely more than all of what was 'released' today, i.e. the physical impossibility of a Boeing 757 [link], 155 ft. in length (half a football field), with a wing span of approximately 125 ft. (41+ yards), having disappeared completely into the opening that initially appeared on the Pentagon building (which only enlarged 30 minutes after the fact from a mysterious secondary explosion). Yes says ZWO that's right. Jumbo jet vanished right into the itty-bitty hole in the pentagon wall believe you us - and oh what's that behind your ear...oh look it's a quarter:
Plane? What plane?

Pentagon showing no evidence of any plane having hit. Above is an inital photo after the purported 'impact'. No wreckage, no structural collapse, nothing. The crashing plane has vanished. The collapse of the 'too small for a plane' section shown below [with plane image superimposed] did not happen until some time later...approximately thirty minutes after purported impact.

The [alleged] aircraft was a Boeing Model 757-200 with as reported a specific model number of 757-223 [link]. Anything hidden-in-plane-sight there? That's right, there's that '322' again. And alleged plane was alleged Flight 77. Of course - gotta have the '7's. What is ever done without the sorcery-numerology. Answer: nothing.

Don't believe your own eyes says the ZWO. Just look at 'our pics' and we'll explain it all.

The hidden-in-plain-sight game is not just for kicks but has a purpose to the kabbalist. The way it works, to their mind, is that they can do anything they want, anything at all, as long as it is 'revealed'. And when revealed, if nobody calls them on it, they are then in the clear - they told it and nobody did anything (let it not be so). That's the kabala way. Hiding their deeds in plain sight is how they 'tell' on themselves. If the sheeple cannot figure it out it's on them - says kabala-kode. The entire world is being run according to this 'kode' [Luke 4:5-8].

But their day shall come.*

Rev. 18:4
Compare: 2-16-17 'Chaotic' Trump Press Conference Was '77' Kabala-Numerology Minutes Long - USA Now A Reality TV Show [2-16-17] '777-Trump...Oroville-77'
* Jeremiah 7:11 '...Behold, even I have seen it, saith the LORD'


John Cole said...

Aleister Crowley and 911

Anonymous said...

Yes, and what concerns me is the pattern setting up again. GW Bush, like G Bush, and Reagan, are the ones who go to outright war and shore up support from the "Silent Conservative Majority" with their propagandizing "Team USA". It seems like this same pattern is shaping up again with Trump (MAGA). I know Red and Blue are the same puppets of the ZNWO, but there's much more damage done (i.e. 9/11) when Team Red is "in charge."