Trans-Agenda 2017 - Deal Is Done; Free Speech, 'Xe' Scouts of America (XSA) Latest Victims

Reality is there is no stopping this out-of-control trans-agenda train. Near impossible to even keep up at this point now, March 2017. As soon as one new outrageous affront comes to light three more pop up before the first one even registers. Demon-strating the point, just a few of the very latest train-run-overs:
NYC Teachers Must Refer to Transgender Students by Preferred Pronouns, Memo Says

The New York City Department of Education has instructed teachers and faculty to address transgender students by their preferred pronouns  — whether that be "he," "she," "they" or "ze."

The directive was issued on Wednesday and came in the form of a 10-page memo detailing how schools and faculty should treat transgender students. The memo states that "all students have the right to have their gender identity recognized and respected by their school community."

The Trump administration guidance effectively lets states and local school districts determine their own bathroom policies. New York City Schools has had policies in place since 2014 that have allowed transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.


PC brigade declare the end of mankind: University bans lecturers from using series of phrases that could be deemed sexist

[UK] Lecturers have been banned from using the phrases ‘mankind’ and ‘man-made’ as part of a university’s clampdown on ‘gendered language’...Even homosexual is seen as offensive as well as the term sportsmanship

Cardiff Metropolitan University says the ‘politically correct’ words should be used to ‘promote an atmosphere in which all students and staff feel valued’...Other rules include using ‘forename’ instead of ‘Christian name’ to avoid offending people of a diverse range of faiths.

It says that ‘politically correct terminology can change’ but lists a range of examples of words and phrases which staff should avoid...These also include ‘best man for the job’, ‘forefathers’, ‘housewife’, ‘man in the street’, ‘manpower’ and ‘right-hand man’.

‘Sexuality can be a minefield too, according to the policy, which advises against the terms ‘homosexual’ and ‘heterosexual’ because they are ‘laden with the values of a previous time
...The new words to use are ‘same-sex’ and ‘other-sex’ relationships, the documents advises.

The document states: ‘Should individuals consider that in the course of interaction with students or staff that this code has not been adhered to and that further action is required, there are two courses of action.

‘For students please refer to the Bullying and Harassment Policy. For staff members the Disciplinary procedure applies, as it does in the event of students talking inappropriately to staff.’


Boy Scouts to pay $18,000, apologize to 9-year-old transgender boy thrown out of pack

The Northern New Jersey Council of the Boy Scouts of America has agreed to pay $18,000 and issue an apology to a 9-year-old transgender boy from Secaucus who was thrown out of a Cub Scout pack last year, according to administrative court documents.
This post a follow up on: 'Caitlyn Hope Grimm': 1st Trans-Bathroom Case Going To SCOTUS 3/28/17 - 53 Companies Support; Name-Game 3-3-17

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